Fantasia Festival Review: Some Freaks

Fantasia International Film Festival Held The World Premiere For Ian Allister MacDonald’s, SOME FREAKS


I guess you could call Some Freaks a romantic comedy. I mean, it’s not your average rom-com, as the title may suggest. It’s about a high school romance and it’s quite funny (in parts), by that logic I would call it a rom-com, but a very different one.

The story follows two social outcasts, Matt and Jill. Matt (Thomas Mann) only has one eye and wears an eye patch. He is constantly persecuted and bullied by your usual type of high school jocks, with each day being a constant struggle for him.

Matt’s friend is Elmo (Ely Moss); a funny and seemingly open gay guy who never stops talking about his love for a certain player on the basketball team. That being said, Elmo also has some issues, as he isn’t completely out-of-the-closet, and despite his sexual preference comes across as a homophobic asshole to anyone who isn’t his close friends.

When Matt meets Jill (Lily Mae Harrington) in science class, there is an immediate connection. She doesn’t make fun of him like the rest of the school kids, and she is warm and funny. Jill is overweight, and although she puts on a nice front she is also being bullied by little bitches at their school.

When Jill has to leave for college, months pass without them seeing each other. Matt gets a job, saves up all the cash he possibly can so he can go to visit her.

From here, the tale takes an unexpected turn. Not in the sense that it descends into an absurd horror movie, but the challenges that once faced our three characters haven’t disappeared completely.

The choices you make post-school are arguably some of the most important decisions you will make, and often the lines  of whats right and wrong are blurred as you focus solely on yourself, and attempt to find your feet in the big wide-world.

I have tried to keep this as spoiler-free as possible. Most of what I have said above can be found in the description of the movie. There is so much to this little gem of a movie, one that I believe every young person (of the right age of course) and adult should see.


I absolutely loved it. It was a refreshing break from all of the blood, guts and murder that I have been reviewing in the last week for Fantasia Festival. To me, this is a film that shows the importance of individuality – that it’s ok to be different. Some Freaks is a beautiful, important movie anthem for today’s age.




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