Gruesome Horror Comedy Short NEVER TEAR US APART Makes The Cut At Fantasia Festival 2016


Makes the Cut at this Year’s Fantasia Festival.

(Montreal, QC) – July 14th, 2016. Award-winning director Sid Zanforlin, of Attack of the Brainsucker’s fame, is premiering his latest horror comedy Never Tear Us Apart at the Fantasia Film Festival, in Montreal. The bloody cannibalesque talewill be opening for Baaghi on Wednesday July 19th at 10pm at the Hall Theatre of Concordia University. The filmmaker and members of his team will be in attendance.

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Never Tear Us Apart (short version) is a ‘proof-of-concept’ for the feature length version presently in development. A young man searches for his grandparents, only to discover they’re crazed, backwoods cannibals.

Official Trailer:

The short that GEEK CHIC ELITE called “Gory, creepy and a helluva lot of fun” has already played in over a dozen festivals from around the world including its World Premiere at Morbido in Mexico, and will continue its tour in October at Screamfest in Hollywood, among others.

Filmmaker Sid Zanforlin and producer Patricia Gomez Zlatar are attending Fantasia for the duration of the festival, to promote Never Tear Us Apart, and also pitch the feature version of this short, which was initially produced for only $2000 CND as a teaser to test some scenes and special FX. The creators are currently seeking financing, production partners, and distribution for the feature. In addition, the prolific writer-director has also been selected, with his screenplay, at the prestigious Global Script Challenge of the Oaxaca FilmFest.


“I wrote this script because as a filmmaker, I became obsessed with how a journey to self-discovery might go really wrong. It’s a story that subconsciously depicts my life growing up in Montreal, leaving many times to other cities, but ultimately returning because this is where I ‘fit in’. Never Tear Us Apart is my story, though splattered with a little blood here and there for good measure,”explains the director.

Starring Matt Keyes, Alex Weiner, James Rae, Leigh Ann Taylor, and Mark Krupa, Never Tear Us Apart is directed by Sid Zanforlin, written by Sid Zanforlin and Chris Bavota, produced by Patricia Gomez Zlatar, Sid Zanforlin, Chris Bavota and Matt Keyes. Cinematography by Steeve Desrosiers, Visual FX by Justin Tripp, and Music by Michael Richard Plowman.

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Never Tear Us Apart will be included in the much anticipated anthology feature film called Minutes Past Midnight, an Indiecan release slated for October 18th, 2016.

To know more about the work of Sid Zanforlin, please visit the official website of HEAD ON THE DOOR PRODUCTIONS:


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All above info from official press-pack. A small review will be live on the day of its premiere. As always, thanks for reading.

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