Review For New Spanish Horror Short, INTO THE MUD

I have always been a fan of Spanish cinema, in fact, they have given me some of the most disturbing films that I could have ever hoped for. So I jumped at the chance to review INTO THE MUD when it found its way to my inbox.

I am not sure if this short film is a proof of concept short in the hopes of finding funding to adapt it into a feature length – I sure hope it is.

The thing that I am struggling with is that there is nothing that I can really say about the film without giving away the plot.

intothemud-poster-209x300OK, let me give it shot!. A woman wakes up completely naked in the middle of a forest. She has been laid out on a large plastic sheet as if someone is trying to dispose of her body. She is hurt and bleeding from a gaping wound on her shoulder. Not far off is her kidnapper/attacker who is standing talking on his phone joking about his fresh new kill.

Wounded but determined AF she uses every ounce of strength that she has in her to make an escape. When she tries to run she is noticed by her attacker and a chase begins through the forest.

In the opening scene I thought to myself “man, this is a brave actress”. She is laid out bare with NOTHING left to the imagination. Yes, she is beautiful but I can’t imagine that it was an easy movie to shoot.

I immediately  found myself having a lot of respect for her….but what was this leading up to??, where was the dialogue? was this short just about a naked woman getting pursued by a mad hillbilly Spanish mountain man with a shotgun? (for the record, I have no problem with that plot I just mentioned).

The last minute or two is the big reveal, and I did NOT see that coming.  I will tell you that she knows where she is going. If she is to fight back then she’ll have to make it to a certain part of the forest….the lake.

The make-up was amazing. I have seen countless feature-lengths that don’t come close to the professionalism on this movie. I am hoping that the team will get the chance to adapt this for the big-screen.


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