Inbred Slovenian Hillbillies On The Rampage In KILLBILLIES

The hills are alive with the sound of sexually deprived hillbillies

So, Killbillies s the first ever horror film to come out of Slovenia and it’s damn impressive. I got the same sort of buzz as I did from Norwegian survival horror, Manhunt (Rovdyr). I don’t mean this in a bad way, in fact it was one of the strongest qualities in the movie. 

It was evident from the get-go that the storyline has been done before, but it was its ambition, its gruesomeness and beautiful backdrop that set It apart from the rest.

The story is quite simple, as they always tend to be in hillbilly horrors. We have three models and one photographer who decide to hit the countryside for a photo shoot. They get lost and ask some locals for directions. This simple premise is just to get the cast into the hills so the killing can begin and it doesn’t take long.


Any chance you can point me in the direction of pain and sorrow, please?

When the photographer starts to snap two strange looking locals in a field, they don’t take it to kindly. We see these two crazy looking hillbillies make their way towards the models and photographer. One of them has horrid boils over his face that looked like they would pop if he blinked his eyes. The other guy was tall, inbred looking,  and looked liked his dad breastfed him. The approach for our deprived killers was more like deliverance than it was like survival horror franchise Wrong Turn. 

Would you like a kiss?

The Slovenian backdrop adds something unique to the film. The cinematography is astonishing – Slovenia is one of the most beautiful places on earth that I have ever seen a movie shot. What we see on-screen is horrific, the kills are fucking brutal and vicious, but the scenery is beautiful, so it’s a whole mixed bag of feels you’re getting. As I said above, this film is so ambitious, and you can tell that the team gave it everything they had. The special FX were perfect for the budget of the movie and can’t be faulted. It is currently sitting on a poor score of 5.0 on IMDb but I believe the film should be a lot higher than that. It is not perfect but it deserves a higher score than 5.0

As I said above, this film is so ambitious, and you can tell that the team gave it everything they had. The special FX were perfect for the budget of the movie and more impressive than some big-budgeted features I have seen.

An obvious talent from director Tomaž Gorkič and his team. A film that will hopefully inspire others to pick up a camera and do the same. I am looking forward to seeing what Gorkič and his team can achieve with a bigger budgeted production.

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