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Mike Flanagan’s, Stephen King Adaptation Gerald’s Game Is Now Available To Stream On Netflix.

I’m just sorry I never gave this film the same love as Andrés Muschietti’s, IT adaptation. I still liked Muschietti’s, It but I found Gerald’s Game to be more of a grown-up horror. We can thank Netflix’s creative freedom for that.

I enjoyed this film so much because I wasn’t aware of the story. I mean, I knew it, but until the first trailer arrived, I didn’t know much about the book. To me, Gerald’s Game offered up more genuine scares than any King movie I have seen, and that includes the biggest grossing horror movie of all time, IT.

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A middle-aged couple leaves the city behind for some kinky alone time at their holiday home. Of course, this home is buried deep in the woods with no nearby neighbours. Just as the couple get-down-and-dirty, Gerald has a fatal heart attack and drops dead, leaving Jessie chained to the bed.

Gerald's Game Netflix Original Film

There is nobody around for miles.

Her only company, a corpse and a starving stray German-Shepherd dog that is feasting off of her dead husband’s corpse. As pointed out in the movie, seeing a dog take chunks of flesh from your deceased husband’s body, will indeed make you lose your marbles.

As her mind deteriorates, she starts to hallucinate seeing all sorts of disturbing visuals.  Having full-blown conversations with her dead husband, she also sees another version of herself, as well as reliving family secrets that lay buried for years. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a sinister presence lurks in the shadows waiting for night to fall, and the stray dog is waiting patiently to close in for fresh meat

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Gerald’s Game was a tense psychological horror. Mike Flanagan created a deeply disturbing mind-fuck of a movie using very little. Again the proof is right here; sometimes less is more, and this was the case with Gerald’s Game.


Gerald’s Game (NOVEL)

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