Review For New Japanese Serial-Killer Movie, CREEPY (Fantasia Festival Review)

Fantasia Festival Screened new Japanese horror/thriller CREEPY

  The new feature  from Kiyoshi Kurosawa, the director of Japanese horror hit PULSE

Japan is home to some of the most fucked up movies on the planet. It don’t matter what genre we have, Japan can do crazy with just about anything.

Creepy tells the story of  an ex-detective called Takakura who now works as a journalist for a local paper.

Takahura and his wife have just moved into a new home and decide it would be best if they visited their neighbours to introduce themselves. When they meet their neighbour Mr Nishino, things seem a little-off to begin: his social skills are almost non-existent and something just doesn’t seem right. After a very uncomfortable encounter the couple learn that Mr Nishino lives with his young teenage daughter and his sick wife, who doesn’t seem to leave the house.

Meanwhile, an old colleague of Takahura’s wants him to use his detective skills and look into an unsolved case about a family that went missing some years ago.

Takahura eventually agrees to help with the case and starts to follow the only known surviving family member.

Then when Takahura is walking home from work,  Mr Nishino’s teenage daughter runs up to him, she looks scared and panicked – she grabs Takahura and say’s, “he is not my Father, he is a total stranger”.


The first half of the movie is almost like a slow-moving detective story. The film is described as a horror but you won’t see much carnage in the first half. As for the second half –  this is where shit starts to get a little fucked up. It never leaves that detective vibe, but the story certainly changes direction and we are indeed introduced to some shocking horror and certain scenes that wont be leaving your mind anytime soon.

There is one scene where a girl calmly pours some sort of acid over a corpse that is shoved into a clothing vacuum-pack. She then zips up the vacuum bag and takes a hoover and closes it airtight. I have seen a lot of inventive ways to get rid of bodies in movies, this one was pretty damn insane and very unsettling to watch.

Kurosawa returns to the horror genre leaving the supernatural element of his previous work behind. His approach to horror is now more realistic, featuring the worst kind of monster there is – Man.

Based on a novel, “Creepy” by Yutaka Maekaw which was first published in 2012

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