Taika Waititi To Make Nazis’ Funny Again With New Comedy

It is reported that Director-writer, Taika Waititi will be bringing us a new Nazi comedy. He announced the news in an interview with, Vice.

Now that he is done with Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok the director-writer can now focus on the projects he has lined-up.

To the best of my knowledge these projects are as follows: 

  1. An animated film that tells the life-story of Micheal Jackson’s pet chimpanzee, Bubbles.
  2. The sequel to the much-loved NZ vampire comedy, What We Do In The Shadows. The Film has been confirmed to be called We’re Wolves.
  3. Six-part What We Do In The Shadows spin-off series called Paranormal Response Unit. The series focuses on two paranormal investigators called O’Leary and Minogue that are tasked with keeping the supernatural law in order in Wellington, NZ.
  4. The recently announced unknown Nazi comedy.

If we get to see all of these projects completed, we’re in for some whacky comedy. In my opinion, Taika Waititi is the freshest director in comedy; a director that gives us genuine heartfelt laughs, not cheap slapstick-predictable comedy which plagues the screens.

Not a big fan of Marvel movies but it was great to see an independent director tackle something so huge and visually striking. It’s an added bonus that Thor: Ragnarok has been well-received from both critics and fans.

There are no other details on his upcoming Nazi project. He has said that it is a much smaller movie and that his timing weirdly perfect because “Nazis are cool again”..are they?.

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One thing that I do hope is that we get the sequel to What We Do In The Shadows before anything else. As far as I am aware, his animated film about Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee has wrapped; His 6-part spin-off to What We Do In Shadows is airing in NZ later this year…or maybe next?.


Thanks for reading. More information to follow.


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