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IDFA takes the European Premiere of Freedom For The Wolf 15 November

An important and urgent investigation into the new regime of illiberal democracy, FREEDOM FOR THE WOLF is the debut feature documentary directed by Rupert Russell, to receive its European Premiere at the 2017 International Documentary Film festival Amsterdam on 15 November, 12.30 (Tuschinski 4, with further screenings as below).

FREEDOM FOR THE WOLF is produced by Camilla Hall and Patrick Hamm who recently completed COPWATCH which premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. Executive Producers include BAFTA winner Nick Fraser (MAN ON WIRE, PUSSY RIOT: A PUNK PRAYER, NOTES ON BLINDNESS) and Stephen Robert Morse (AMANDA KNOX).

15 Nov 2017 – 12.30 (Tuschinski 4)
18 Nov 2017 – 22:00 (Tuschinski 6) Q&A with Director Rupert Russell
20 Nov 2017 – 16:00 (Tuschinski 2) Q&A with Director Rupert Russell
25 Nov 2017 – 14:30 (Munt 09)

Democracy is in crisis. A new generation of elected leaders are dismantling freedom and democracy as we know it. A ground-breaking, powerful and original statement on the status of quo of global politics, FREEDOM FOR THE WOLF is the first film that provides the global context for understanding the Trump phenomenon. 

Filmed over three years in five countries, from the young Umbrella movement students of HongKong, to a rapper in post-Arab Spring Tunisia and the viral comedians of Bollywood, we discover how people from every corner of the globe are fighting the same struggle. They are fighting against elected leaders who trample on human rights, minorities, and their political opponents.

International sales for FREEDOM FOR THE WOLF are being handled by Cinephil.

“Epic in scale… Highly original and thought provoking

Dangerous Minds


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