4 New Extreme Horrors To Look Forward To

I am back with a new list of 4 extreme horror movies that have been churning people’s stomachs and causing nausea in viewers.


Who doesn’t love a bit of Australian horror? not just Australian horror – this is Australian Outback Horror made famous by films like Wake In Freight, Wolf Creek or Storm Warning.

Beaten To Death follows a man called Sam who must fight his way through a town of crazed local psychos as well as face the harsh, unforgiving landscapes of the Australian outback. We all know, if the locals ain’t going to kill you then you better bet than nearly everything in the Australian outback can.


I have known about Megalomaniac for a while now. I honestly think it was featured in another list I wrote a while back. So, it’s always good to hear that this flick has been sickening the very stomachs of its viewers.

Megalomaniac follows two siblings dealing with the horrific and unimaginable aftermath of their father being a sadistic serial killer known to everyone as The Butcher of Monns. While one of the siblings tries her hardest to erase their horrible family past, the other sibling starts to follow in his father’s footsteps and continue his reign of terror.


Good Boy was posted on the Moviehooker socials and to be honest, I was a little shocked that it didn’t even get one Like. Yes, that is a stupid thing to say, but these films are what Moviehooker is all about. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this then you are in for a treat.

I’m not sure how violent this one is going to be, but, man, does it not look creepy and weird as Hell.

Set in Norway, Good Boy follows Christian, a seemingly normal person who meets a girl on a night out. The girl agrees to go back to his house only to find he has a pet dog. But this ain’t any normal pet dog, it is a human in a dog suit. The trailer was a bit of a jaw-dropper for me as it just looked so damn strange.


The Goldsmith is a new extreme horror from Italy. The film follows a group of thieves who break into an elderly couple’s home to steal their jewellery. But what these thieves didn’t know is that this old couple is a pair of evil sadistic fucks. It ain’t long before the thieves realise that they just messed with the wrong people.

I’ve just received the screener for The Goldsmith so you can expect a moviehooker review in the coming days. I am really looking forward to this one.

Well, that’s it for this short list of new extreme horror movies. I hope you’ve added these little sick pieces of cinema to your future viewing list. As always, thanks for reading.


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