Nothing Rhymes with Entertainment #TheWorldOverMovie

Filmmaker Heath C. Michaels distorts perceptions in his dark multiverse short film “The World Over”

Nothing Rhymes with Entertainment #TheWorldOverMovie
Taking a peek at the multiverse

World Premiere
BIFAN – Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
Screenings for The World Over: 7/15 @ 18:00 • 7/19 @ 13:30 • 7/22 @ 11:00
Venue: CGV Sopoong 5, Bucheon, South Korea

Writer-director Heath C. Michaels and his wife, producer Heather Michaels, will be attending the Q&A

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This is a short film you really don’t want to miss. Don’t believe me? See the trailer for yourself!


When a couple discovers a door leading to a parallel world, they find themselves embroiled in a dangerous game of mistaken identity after coming face-to-face with mirror images of themselves.

Nothing Rhymes with Entertainment #TheWorldOverMovie
Brett Keating

How Was It?

So, now that we are on the same page let me tell you, I watched this today and it is riveting. Performances from Tess Granfield and Brett Keating were the perfect team for this multi-universe high-end horror short film. I haven’t been this excited about a story-line in ages. The World Over is smart, well thought out and horrific in places I didn’t anticipate. The loop featured here is as enticing as any loop film I’ve seen. I would have to say it’s my favourite short film this year.

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The script for the feature film is complete for and all they need is an interested player. I’m crossing all my fingers and toes in the hope that it gets green-lit soon.

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What were the directors intentions with The World Over?

Heath C. Michaels said this;

“Freud called dreams an unconscious wish fulfillment. To me, this is the pure antithesis of horror, where instead our fears are fulfilled in a very conscious and worldly way. As a Director, I wanted to bring a very personal fear, one of isolation, and tell a visceral story from that perspective. The multiverse really epitomizes the truest demonstration of that fear, because for someone who is isolated with themselves as their only company, I cannot imagine anything more horrific than being with more versions of yourself.”

Nothing Rhymes with Entertainment #TheWorldOverMovie
Tess Granfield

If you want to know more about where this is screening check out the following links:

Official Site:
Twitter: @TheWorldOver4K
Instagram: @TheWorldOverMovie
Hashtag: #TheWorldOverMovie

Nothing Rhymes with Entertainment
Heath C. Michaels

More About Michaels

I got my hands on some question and answer notes with the director and right at the end, I noticed something really exciting. Heath C. Michaels’ a tech nerd and has made Flash sites, Apps and games. What caught my eye though was while filming The World Over, he had a go at Unity 3D game engines. If you’ve not heard of that, check out this article I wrote about Adam by Unity Technologies.  He’s made some games and they are horror games! Here are the links for those;

“The game is called D.F.R.: The Light, and it isn’t the normal indie horror fare. It’s a mini horror game that relies on stealth. You’re basically running around in a dark place looking for candles to blow out while a ghost carrying a lantern is hunting you. I built two A.I. systems, one for the ghost and a macro A.I. that tracks the interactions between the player and the ghost, and forces them to interact so the game never gets dull. I think I have it currently for $1.99 on Steam. Later, I ported that game over to a VR experience for the HTC Vive, which is also available on Steam for fairly cheap. “

Words by Vanessa Stewart
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