Fantasia Festival 2017 Review: SUPER DARK TIMES



The films starts with a trail of blood smeared down an empty school corridor (think Nightmare On Elm Street: part1). We think it’s human but the blood is coming from a wounded deer that crashed through the school’s classroom window. It lays there bleeding-out, crippled, broken and unable to move. Just when we thought that it couldn’t get any worse, cops are called in and they carry-out the most unmerciful mercy killing imaginable.

Best friends Zach (Owen Campbell) and Josh (Charlie Tahan who has a role in OZARK) are inseparable. They are not the coolest kids on the block but these guys are confident in their own world. Set in the 1990’s before the internet turned our youth into zombies, friendship and hanging-out was a huge part of life. There was no gaming, social media or any reason for you to have your face stuck to a screen. Your own imagination was your greatest weapon, and these guys have quite the imagination.

We then meet Daryl (Max Talisman) and Charlie (Sawyer Barth) who have called to hang out. Josh’s brother is a marine and has been deployed and left his room unlocked. Bored with nothing to do and curious about what’s in there, the group venture into the bedroom.

They stumble on the brother’s stash of weed but straight-laced, Josh refuses and won’t let Daryl (who is begging him) get high. The innocence of these guys is what makes this film so special. They’re social outcasts, the same as the kids from Netflix’s Stranger Things or even Stand By Me – only extreme foul-mouthed versions. Finding this stash of weed made them near die with excitement, they’ve never smoked and it’s hilariously obvious.

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Super Dark Time Fantasia Festival 2017 Review

Also, in the room,  a samurai sword.

It’s never a good idea to let a bunch of teens mess about with a samurai sword. These guys feel like ninja warriors, complete badasses. They go to a nearby field to have a bit of fun and mess around with the katana. Then Josh notices that Daryl has rolled a joint (not a bad one for someone who has never smoked a joint before) and confronts him. A fight breaks out between the two sending Daryl into a rage.

Then a horrifying accident happens that changes their lives forever

One of them gets stabbed with the blade sending the friends into a state of shock. I have to say that this scene was phenomenal, we have some great talent in Super Dark Times. The fear in their faces as they helplessly watched one of their best friends violently bleed out in front of them was shockingly raw and realistic.

You may think that I have told you a lot about the storyline but trust me, I haven’t. The film then focuses on how each of them reacts to the accident and the decisions they made afterwards. They try to go about their everyday teenage lives but paranoia and guilt start to take over.

There is still so much more to this film but I will leave that for you to enjoy. Things get a lot darker though, trust me.

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