BELIEVER Review: Fantasia International Film Festival 2018

New Asian Movies Believer

Believer is new a new crime/action movie from South Korea that recently played Fantasia International Film Festival 2018

I wasn’t aware until afterwards that Believer was a remake of Jonnie To’s highly regarded DRUG WAR. It was a little confusing, I was almost certain that I had seen Drug War but nothing resonated with me. I was able to look at Believer as its own film.

The story of a detective who is hellbent on catching a man known only as Mr Lee. Mr Lee is like a ghost, no one knows who he is and only a handful of people have met him. The detective takes on the help of Rak, a low-level drug dealer with connections to the drug trade and also the mysterious Mr Lee.

One thing that struck me with Believer was the characters. I really enjoyed the mystery of not knowing who Mr Lee was, he could be anyone in the film and it’s got plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing until the final reveal. My two favourite characters had to have been the two deaf brothers. These guys were a special kind of crazy, they were also chemists, and know how to bring in the violence when called for.


I have read some reviews and it seemed that people were not happy with the remake. I think they expanded on some storylines and as always, there is always going to be people who moan and bitch. If you haven’t caught Drug War then I  highly recommend you hunt down Believer when it comes your way. Or if you have an open mind and accept someone else’s vision of a movie then this is well worth your time.

Directed by: Lee Hae-yeong
Starring: Cho Jin-woong, Ryu Jun-yeol, Kim Joo-hyuck, Kim Sung-ryoung, Park Hae-jun

Believer played at this year’s Fantasia Film Festival 2018

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