Official Synopsis for Echoes

On a distant planet two blue collar workers transport a prisoner across a mining colony, only to discover she is not the real danger on board.

Nigel O’Neil, Katie Goldfinch and Antony Acheampong.

Who are casueAscene Films?


MovieHooker has had a long history promoting the production company shorts by causeAscene Films. Based in Belfast Northern Ireland, Echoes is the newest episode about to hit upcoming film festivals. John Carlin is the owner of the company and director, producer and editor of this science fiction edition set on a transport vehicle shot on a purpose-built set within the Film & TV College, Bangor.

If you think that just because Echoes is a short film, it doesn’t come with an impressive cast, think again.

Nigel O’Neil is best known for his role in Bad Day for the Cut (2017.) He also had bit-parts in series Vikings and Game of Thrones in 2015. Nigel is cast as Remy working along Sa’im (played by Antony Acheampong of The Legend of Tarzan 2016). Together they are transporting a prisoner to the distribution hub. Katie Goldfinch is the mysterious Goudine, the prisoner. When trouble rears its head, is she the real threat or is there something more sinister going on?

The Belfast Film Festival, one of many on the calendar, starts 14th April 2018 and Echoes will be screened there first. Echoes has already been selected to add to their showcase and no doubt others will follow.

Was It Any Good?

Written by Paul Skillen and Aaron Gray, I had the pleasure of watching this ahead of its release. The first thing I noticed was its quality acting and top-notch set design. I really enjoyed the twisty nature of this one. The concept has all the makings to gear up into a full length feature film because it leaves you wanting more.

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If you’ve not seen any other short films created by this team, I insist you check out 6 Feet Under.  This 3 minute short will tide you over while you wait for the newest installment to hit the streets. It’s only 3 minutes but will show you just why, this amazing director and writer are worth a moment or two (or three).



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