Level Up is the impressive first feature-length from director/writer Adam Randall.

level up 2016Level Up follows Matt, a slacker with a serious gaming addiction that’s just about to get tested, for real!.

Matt’s girlfriend is pissed-off being the only one bringing in any sort of cash. She is the one getting up early and hitting the hectic, overcrowded city for work. Matt just lays around all- day gaming and drinking cans with his best friend.

Matt pretends that he has big plans. He tells her that his days are spent developing new business ideas. When his girlfriend questions him, he has a bullshit story about a new app that’s gonna make him rich.

Matt’s world gets turned upside down when his girlfriend is kidnapped by a gang of masked thugs. Matt is knocked unconscious with a swift bat to the side of the head. When he awakes he is told that he has to deliver a package to a guy called Dmitri.

Matt races against the clock to deliver the package.  He soon realises that other people are hunting for the same package that is strapped to his chest.

Matt must make his way through the seedy parts of London and avoid being caught or killed by others. He must complete certain tasks that are given to him by phone. If he wants to see his girl again, he must do exactly as they say.

As a hardcore gamer, I enjoyed the movie. I tried to look at the movie from a gaming perspective. I found the direction, script and even the posture the lead character to be very game-like. If you look at Matt as a character in a London-based crime game then I think you will find Level Up hugely enjoyable.

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The locations of the movie are fantastic and play a huge part in the film. Level Up shows a different side to London than we usually see in movies.

The film isn’t perfect, and non-gaming fans may find some pacing issues. Nonetheless, Level Up is an impressive thriller with some obvious new talent that we should be looking out for.

Level Up is released on 26th August (2016) in select U.S cinemas via FilmBuff



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