TEH DARK Below is available in select cinemas across the U.S 

This Serial Killer Is One Cold Motherfucker

The Dark Below is the new indie horror from writer/director, Douglas Schulze (Mimesis 2011).

The film focuses on a serial killer, his next victim and the lengths the killer will go to see that his victim dies a horrible, slow, and excruciatingly painful death.

The film opens with our serial killer drugging his victim. We soon learn that this is no random abduction, he has a plan and a fucked-up cruel one at that. When she passes out from the cocktail of drugs he makes her swallow, she is then put into a wetsuit and taken to a frozen lake.

The serial killer has his torturous game of death planned out. He has a hole cut in the middle of a frozen lake where he is going to dump her. He has motion- sensor lights set-up, so if she tries to escape from the freezing water, the lights will go on, and our killer (who is nearby stalking others) knows that she is trying to make an escape. He quickly returns to the scene to make sure she is still in the water, slowly freezing to death.

So Was In Any Good?

In short, yes, it was a great watch. A film that fucked with the genre in a lot of ways. Shot on a tiny budget, David Shuelz decided to go for an almost silent movie (I am pretty sure there are only three words spoken in the entire movie whic are “love is cold”.

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In the beginning, I was unsure how it was gonna work. In this case, a solid story, powerful performances from a very minimal cast and an engrossing OST paved the way and made this a hugely enjoyable watch.

Although I really enjoyed The Dark Below, I know that this is a film that would not be suited for everyone. It was a risky choice going in this direction, but that is something that I have total respect for. So, if you’re into cinema in a big way and you looking for something completely different then I would highly recommend, The Dark Below


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