Trailer For New Independent Psychological Horror I TRAPPED THE DEVIL

I Trapped The Devil recently fell into my cross-hairs when I stumbled on the magnificent first poster. It had that old-school feel to it. I knew straight away that I Trapped The Devil could only be one genre, and that was ‘horror’.

I Trapped The Devil poster
Retro Poster For Josh Lobo’s I TRAPPED THE DEVIL

My interest was tweaked further when I learnt of the simple, yet (if done right), highly effective concept. In my opinion, this is a great idea for a horror movie and one that could possibly get under our skin.

What’s it about?
A man becomes increasingly paranoid and unhinged after he traps, who he believes is Satan himself in the basement of his house.

Judging from the trailer, I think this looks damn interesting. We could have a really good psychological indie horror to look forward to. We live in a sorry world populated with repetitiveness and franchises. I take off my hat to those who are still trying to think outside the box. This, to me, looks like on of those films.

There seems to be a lot of comparisons to a certain episode of The Twilight Zone. That episode was called The Howling Man. Yes there are striking similarities to I Trapped The Devil but I don’t think that is a bad thing at all.

IFC Films will release I Trapped The Devil on the 26th of April. I usually get some screeners from IFC for review consideration. I will get a review live ASAP if one arrives.

Looks like this is also the directorial debut from newcomer Josh Lobo. I am looking forward to seeing what creepiness awaits.

Starring: Chris Sullivan, Jocelin Donahue, & AJ Bowen

Directed/Written By Josh Lobo