You all know how much I have been looking forward to seeing the new adaptation of Stephen King’s beloved horror novel, IT.


The first thing that struck a chord with IT was during the opening credits: Screenplay by “Cary Fukunaga”. There were another two writers credited, one of which was Fukunaga’s writing partner, but that was a bit of a wtf moment for me. Fukunaga put his “heart and soul” into the film (he was working on IT for 4-years). We all know why the man left the project. So, no matter what way you look at it, someone took his work and bastardised it, instead of re-writing a fresh script.

As soon as Fukunaga’s name appeared on the screen, I knew what I would be doing when I got home. I would be hunting down Fukunaga’s script to see how it compares to the now NUMBER 1 HORROR MOVIE OF ALL TIME.

Firstly, I want to say that I enjoyed the film a lot. I have also covered IT all the way through development hell. Sometimes covering films can have a down-side. I have posted every trailer, still, clip and featurette I could find. That and an extremely successful marketing campaign left very little to the imagination.

Bill Skarsgård was perfect in the role of Pennywise.

His child-like tone was silly but at the same time, it got under your skin and was uncomfortable and menacing. I am not sure how I felt about all of the teeth. I thought Pennywise looked like a vampire who was just out for a few pints at the Titty Twister, from, From Dusk Till Dawn.

IT movie IT movie review Pennywise teeth lookalike

In my opinion, we can’t compare Bill Skarsgård to Tim Curry. In some way’s it’s just like The Joker; a different actor, is always a different variation of the character. Bill Skarsgård knocked it out of the park.

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The Losers’ Club brought back the feels from the original two-part series for me. Perfectly cast, amazing young actors featuring Finn Wolfhard from Netflix‘s STRANGER THINGS. 


These are just re-caps from a great article I stumbled on when searching for Fukunaga’s script


  • Pennywise looked different. He was going to be bald and more child-like. I thought Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise was perfect. 
  • In Fukunaga’s version, the Losers’ know that Georgie is dead and that he died a horrific death. In the version that made it to the screen, Bill still holds hope that his little brother is still alive (with a ripped-off arm)
  • Fukunaga’s script also included flashbacks featuring Mike’s father and his first encounter with IT. In the film, Mike just tells the gang that his father thinks that the town is haunted. These scenes involve “The Black Spot nightclub” which is an all-black nightclub. The club gets attacked by the KKK and this is where Mike’s relative has his first encounter with Pennywise.
  • Mike’s backstory is also featured a lot more in the original script.
  • The Losers’ arrive at the sewers for their final battle with chainsaws, crossbows and other weaponry that ain’t featured in the final version (sigh).
  • The sexual abuse that Beverly Marsh suffers from her father is more graphic. In the film, we know it’s “probably” happening, but the 16cert makes us think rather than show us anything on-screen.
  • There was also a flashback scene to the 1800’s involving a massacre at a bar. The creepy reveal would have been Pennywise playing piano in the bar surrounded by freshly massacred corpses. 
  • The Iron Works (one of Pennywise’s kill-ground) featured heavily in Fukunaga’s script. I think this is only mentioned by Ben, and then when The Losers’ are looking at the map of the sewers.

There is still time for these scenes to added into the story for the second chapter. I don’t know about you, but I would love to see how some of those scenes play-out on screen.

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A great adaptation and most definitely a Stephen King story done right.  36-year-old me found It entertaining, and a great popcorn experience. 13-year-old me would have found IT absolutely terrifying.



Part two will be floating to our screens on, September 6th, 2019



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