A nasty fungal infection has wiped out humanity and turned everyone into flesh-eating fungus zombies.


The Girl With All The Gifts opens with our main character looking at a picture of a kitten she has pinned to her wall.  She then places the photo under her pillow and changes into an orange jumpsuit. She grabs a specially designed wheelchair and begins to restrain herself by strapping herself in. Her door opens and she is met with two heavily armed guards that are obviously terrified of her.  She seems so nice, though,  at this point, we are unaware of who or what she is.

She is then brought to a classroom with other kids, all in jumpsuits and restrained to wheelchairs. We then meet Ms. Justineau (Gemma Arterton) who acts as their teacher. Ms. Justineau feels sympathy for the children and she often forgets what they are capable of. Her class is heavily guarded and when Ms. Justineau breaks the rules and reaches out to touch one of the kids we then get introduced to Sgt. Eddie Parks (played by Paddy Considine). Sgt Parks quickly refreshes Ms. Jusitneau’s memory by demonstrating why you should never touch one these children. He rolls up his sleeve and spits on his and holds his arm up to one of the children’s face. Within seconds the innocence of the child quickly disappears and he turns into what can only be described as a rabid animal.

A security breach then lets in loads of  hungries which forces a small group of survivors to fend for themselves in the outside world. The group of survivors is led by Sgt Parks with Ms.Justineau, Melanie and Dr. Caldwell, a doctor who believes that Melanie holds the key to a cure for the infection.

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This film has it all, the zombies are amazing looking and the cause of infection gives the film a sci-fi sort of buzz. The acting is top-notch, and it’s good to see Paddy Considine back onscreen. It has some really brilliant action sequences that are some of the tensest scenes you will see in any movie featuring zombies. The ending is so good and had me thinking for a long time after I left the theater.

There is a serious amount of talent in the movie but I have to say that young Sennia Nanua steals the show. Her performance  as the sweet and caring, I will eat you face if you give me the chance, Melanie is a joy to watch. It is great to see such young talent nearly outshining some very huge reputable names onscreen.

The Girl With All The Gifts is based on a book of the same name. The writer of the book, Mike Carey also wrote the screenplay for the movie. It is directed by Scottish-born director Colm McCarthy

I think I can safely say that fans of Romero zombies will enjoy the film just as much as fans of fast infected movies like 28 Days Later.

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