More Casting News Confirmed For IT: CHAPTER 2

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IT: CHAPTER 2 is well into pre-production. More casting news on the upcoming sequel has been confirmed. Here are the details so far.

IT was some time ago that director Andrés Muschietti posted a simple pic on Instagram. The picture was of him and actress Jessica Chastain in a dressing room. The description of the post was as follows…

your hair is winter fire,
January ambers,
my heart burns there too

To me, it seemed like a no-brainer, a perfect casting choice. A few months later it was officially confirmed that Jessica Chastain would indeed be playing the adult version of Beverly Marsh in the upcoming sequel.

Other casting news has just been confirmed. James Ransone (Sinister, Sinister 2, HBO’s Generation Kill, The Wire) has been cast as Eddie Kaspbrak.

Although I can’t confirm this news atm, rumours have been “floating down here” that James McAvoy (Glass, Split, Filth) is circling the role of Bill Denbourgh. And actor Bill Hader (Trainwreck,  The Skeleton Twins) Is in talks to star as Richie Tozier. As I said, this news ain’t confirmed but they’re both listed on IMDb to star in the second chapter. Variety has just confirmed that Andy Bean (Power, Here And Now) will play adult Stanley Uris.

Director, Andrés Muschietti has promised us a darker, more adult second chapter.

I had so much hope for the first instalment, but, unfortunately, IT didn’t cut it for me. Not that I disliked the first chapter,  I really liked the film as popcorn entertainment. I believed the hype and was left somewhat disappointed.

I’m hoping for a hard-R rating (18c from the BBFC). I’m also aware of giving this movie a hard-R rating means that it effect sales at the box-office as no annoying teenagers will be able to attend.

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That was another thing I hated about the first chapter. If I was in a cinema by myself, or just like-minded horror lovers, I would’ve enjoyed the film a lot more. But no matter how hard I tried, all I could hear was screaming, kissing and eating VERY loudly. I’m all for kids having a great time, but please go have it somewhere else and stop ruining other cinema-goers experience.

Rant over

Expect an update on this article as more Losers’ join the cast.

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