Pennywise is back: Trailer for IT CHAPTER 2 is here

It Chapter Two

It is a movie that needs no introduction. The long-awaited trailer for the second instalment of Stephen King’s IT is here

OK, so I was not the biggest fan of the first instalment of IT. I mean, it was OK, but IT was drenched in hype. Even though I felt a little letdown and cheated by the first film, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t appreciate it. No matter what, it is always great to see a genre that usually gets buried beneath Dwayne Johnson blockbusters do so well at the box office.

Andy Muschietti did what he could from a butchered and bastardised script and I have respect for that. Skarsgard, as the new Pennywise is fantastic and I think a perfect fitting for this modern-day remake. And the kids…well, they are just on a different level when it comes to acting. But, was the first film a horror movie aimed at adults? or aimed at teenagers? I really thought it was nothing more than good popcorn entertainment.


Well, of course, he fucking said “it’s terrific”, he is hardly going to say “Well, sorry that was shit – even Maximum Overdrive was better and I was so high I can’t even remember directing that movie”. He won’t say these things because is sitting back counting huge wads of cash, and he does right! he has earned it.

But, as always, the hype train has left the station, and, as always, I will be the first fool to board. They have promised a much darker second instalment, one aimed at a more mature audience. I will believe it when I see it.

Here it is – I hope you enjoy the trailer for IT CHAPTER TWO

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