UPDATED: NEW Trailer For Stephen King’s IT Is Here

IT has been years in the making but we are delighted to finally share with you the trailer for Stephen King’s IT remake

Stephen King IT remake Judging by the trailer it looks like we can stop worrying whether or not Cary Fukunaga’s replacement director, Andrés Muschietti would give the fans what they want.

Fukunaga left because of creative differences with the studio. I thought the next person to take the director’s chair would happily agree to a watered down version that would get more asses on seats. This is obviously not the case and the new IT looks like it could be darker and more vicious than the Tim Curry, 90’s two-part telemovie. I know the original wasn’t a gruesome tale but it was most definitely not kiddie friendly.

I haven’t read King’s book (unless it’s a film I have the attention span of a goldfish). I’m lucky enough to have serious book nerds as friends who have constantly stated over the years that even though Tim Curry was great as Pennywise, the book’s clown was supposedly a hell of a lot darker.

I think Skarsgard will bring the darkness



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