SAINT MAUD REVIEW: What if God was one of us?

A24’s Saint Maud has picked up the title as one of the best recent horror films. The reviews are correct. I found Sant Maud to be a terrifying and fresh new approach to a genre packed full of mediocrity.

In the opening sequences, we see Maud at her soon to be fired job. She is a nurse in a hospital and she is covered in blood. Whatever went on there got her dismissed and fired from employment.

She then takes on some private care work, caring for a rich dying woman named Amanda (Jennifer Ehle). Amanda isn’t a believer in anything religious but with Maud’s strong spirituality and connection with God, she starts to doubt her own beliefs: what if she was wrong – what if there really is a God up there?.

Saint Maud is one of those horrors I don’t think everyone will appreciate, and that’s cool! I can see why this wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste. It is not filled with jump-scares or crazy demonic special FX with the demons hanging in the corner of a ceiling. In my opinion, the path that Saint Maud took was a completely fresh approach. One I found to be effective…dare I say it as “Hell”.

The acting was so damn good. Morfydd Clark couldn’t have been more perfectly cast as Maud. She was able to portray a very sympathetic character that also made you feel uneasy cause you know from the offset that there’s a few screws loose somewhere. You want to sympathise with her, but at the same time, you want to stay as far away as possible.

Saint Maud ticked all the boxes for me as a horror fan. This is how you make an effective and terrifying film using someone’s beliefs as the antagonist. Powerful stuff!

An astonishing feature-length directorial and writing debut from Rose Glass!

Review by GG 
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker 

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