The Trailer For MY FRIEND DAHMER Is Here And It’s Messed Up

My Friend Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer focuses on the early years of cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Everyone knows who Jeffrey Dahmer was

He was one of the most twisted serial killers to have ever walked this earth. Also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, Dahmer killed a staggering 17 young men and kids between the years 1978 to 1991.

Here is an example of one of his murders from his wiki page  


In February 1991, Dahmer observed a 17-year-old named Curtis Straughter standing at a bus stop near Marquette University. According to Dahmer, he lured Straughter into his apartment with an offer of money for posing for nude photos, with the added incentive of sexual intercourse. Dahmer drugged and strangled Straughter with a leather strap, then dismembered him, with Dahmer retaining the youth’s skull, hands, and genitals and photographing each stage of the dismemberment process.

Less than two months later, on April 7, Dahmer encountered a 19-year-old named Errol Lindsey walking to get a key cut. Lindsey was a heterosexual. Dahmer lured Lindsey to his apartment, where he drugged him, drilled a hole in his skull and poured hydrochloric acid into it. According to Dahmer, Lindsey awoke after this experiment (which Dahmer had conceived in the hope of inducing a permanent, unresistant, submissive state), saying: “I have a headache. What time is it?” In response to this, Dahmer again drugged Lindsey, then strangled him. He decapitated Lindsey and retained his skull; he then flayed Lindsey’s body, placing the skin in a solution of cold water and salt for several weeks in the hope of permanently retaining it. Reluctantly, Dahmer disposed of Lindsey’s skin when he noted it had become too frayed and brittle.”

My Friend Dahmer

You can read more about him here 

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My Friend Dahmer is based on a graphic novel by Derf Backdeff who attended school with Dahmer in the 70’s.

The graphic novel was first released in 2012. You can purchase it from the link below.

My Friend Dahmer Graphic novel

Enjoy the trailer

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