ICYMI: New Trailer For Rob Zombie’s 3 FROM HELL

Not that long ago, we got our first glimpse at Rob Zombie’s highly anticipated sequel to The Devil’s Rejects, Three From Hell.

I am a fan of both, A House Of A Thousand Corpses and its follow-up, The Devil’s Rejects. It was sweet music to my ears when I heard Zombie announce that there was one more gory story to be told. His wife’s ass must have one last close-up we need to see, the ultimate ass-shot of the century.

I don’t think that Zombie has achieved or captured that sense of horror he created with The Devil’s Rejects.

A House Of A Thousand Corpses was nothing but gory, campy fun…but TDR, man, that was a vicious and nasty piece of work. At least it was back in 2005, I am not sure how well The Devil’s Rejects has aged.

That opening scene with Otis waking up beside those corpses. That whole opening sequence, was filmmaking at it’s very finest perfect mashing 70’s grindhouse horror with the classic gritty feel of dystopian road movies like Mad Max.

People were complaining about how they were going to be brought back for the movie. How is this possible with the ending of The Devil’s Rejects?

I will tell you how it is possible…money. No other reason and you bet your cinema ticket that if zombie’s last few features haven’t achieved quite the status he was hoping for, it only makes perfect bloody sense to bring back The Firefly Family.

He knows this is what the fans have wanted for years. Now we are getting it, do you think Zombie can deliver another road movie as nasty and near damn perfect as The Devil’s Rejects?. We won’t have long to find out.

Heres the official trailer for THREE FROM HELL.

This is the second trailer that has been released with the first being a “teaser trailer”. I wasn’t overly impressed by the teaser, it seemed like a fanmade trailer to me. It really didn’t feel like an official release, bt hey that’s just me.

Zombie has more than redeemed himself with the first full trailer for 3 From Hell. I am pretty sure that fans of the series are gonna excited.


More news to follow as it is announced. As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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