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It is always great to see and hear of new emerging film-making talent, especially when it’s made locally. We come from a beautiful part of the world, but things can get dangerous. If you’re an outsider, and by an outsider, I mean not born in Northern Ireland, you may find it strange how numb we have become to “the troubles”. When you’re born into the chaos and madness, you know no different, it’s just the norm.

This is cleverly placed through Mullen’s Grapevines, and those who are not familiar with our history may miss these little details entirely.

Chris Mullen’s Grapevines is shot entirely in Strabane in the North of Ireland. With a runtime of just over 30-mins, there is quite a bit to get through and multiple stories to focus on.

A “bandit” taxi driver accused of something he didn’t do, the dangers of Social Media and fake news, paramilitary-style beatings, and a confrontation in a bar with severe consequences.

Mullen has an obvious talent for the shots and camera work!. For his first short, this is quite an achievement. However, if I had to be critical, I would have tackled the on-screen violence differently. I believe some off-screen violence could have had more of an impact than trying to make the blows looks realistic for the film. In saying that, some of the shots of the masked thugs were very well put together.

The soundtrack was impressive with a nice Hitchcockian vibe to it, and we got introduced to some promising upcoming Irish acting talent.

Primarily, this is a film about the consequences and validity of actions and how in today’s day-and-age, news, be it true or false has the power to damage or completely destroy us.

I am looking forward to seeing what project and genre Mullen tackles next.


Words by Gary Gamble 
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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