Review: Josh Lobo’s I Trapped The Devil

Josh Lobo’s I TRAPPED THE DEVIL brings to light a promising new name in the indie horror scene

I knew before watching Josh Lobo’s I Trapped The Devil that this was an independent feature. As indie features go, I Trapped The Devil is most definitely another amazing example of what can be done with very little money, one cool location and some really good actors.

Christmas is almost here and Steve’s family decide to pay him an unexpected visit to keep him company. Steve’s brother, Matt and his wife, Sarah are worried about Steve. We never really find out the backstory but Steve is grieving the loss of someone or something.

When they arrive, Steve tells them that he has kidnapped a man and he is being held captive in the basement cellar of his house. But, Steve believes that his hostage is no ordinary man. He believes that the person he has kidnapped is the Devil himself.

Their first response is to call for help, that Steve is obviously going through some sort of psychotic break. But then, there is always that one question: What if this person trapped in the basement cellar is actually the Devil? what happens when they release the purest form of evil into the world?


We never really find out how Steve captured Satan, he’s just sort of there. I keep looking for clues to why a few padlocks would keep someone as powerful as the Devil imprisoned in a basement cellar. I thought that maybe he was never really trapped; the Devil was just playing mind games…because, why not? he’s the Devil.


If you’re looking for possessions, demons screaming ancient Latin into your face while floating in the corner ceiling then you will not find it here. I Trapped The Devil may not be fitted for everyone, but it will find an audience in indie horror fans.

A slow-burn chiller, eerie setting, excellent use of lighting, solid script and great acting and characters. A great character study in uncertainty and paranoia.

If you look at Josh Lobo’s I Trapped The Devil as a dark, psychological drama, I think you’ll find it belongs in that sub-genre more fittingly.

Cast: AJ Bowen, Susan Burke, Scott Poythress

Film Length: 83 minutes
Distributor: IFC Midnight
Release Date: April 26th, 2019 (Select Cinemas and VOD)

Word by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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