Black Creek Review— A Movie By Jason Crow

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I was given Black Creek to watch recently and I wasn’t worried about the $3000 budget, nor the unknown actors. I wasn’t concerned about it being B-Grade, hell, I like Grave Encounters (2011). The difference between them though, is the latter is enjoyable in-spite of itself and tells a great story.

I’m going to swing the hammer here and say what story this film has gets wasted in a full run-time, a badly executed narrative, terrible scripting and odd casting.

It’s story centres on Mike and his sister Jenna (Leah Patrick) who, after the death of their father, go on a trip to their father’s cabin to scatter his ashes. A Native-American spirit decides it’s time to make their mission difficult.

In opening scenes, I immediately drew comparison to the cheese-filled movie Don’t Kill It (2016) with it’s over the top carnage and Dolph Lungren to pull off the low-grade effects. The premise is the same, only Black Creek weaves some Native American themes into it through its constant reminders that Mike has Indian blood in him and dream catchers a plenty.

A scene in the first act introduces us to Mike (Chris O’Flyng) being bullied by the local thugs.

“What are doing with this weirdo“(extra emphasis on THIS required here.)

“Heard the freaks got ACTUAL Indian blood in him,”

“Shouldn’t you be at a meeting with your parole officer— better watch your freak BOY or else he might have a worse accent than his dad…”


So is Mike’s dad an American Indian? No. Maybe his grandfather but Mikes’ not really sure.

I had heard both good and bad things about the writer and director Jason Crow. Hooker with a Hacksaw (2017) and Cannibal Cop (2017) have some favorable reviews floating around.

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The highlight for me was Pierse Stevens who plays Deputy Wanner. He drops some one-liners reminiscent of Grissom on the crime series CSI.

“Nothing out here but city kids looking for a highway to sex,” stated while standing on desolate highway.

He also sets a certain authoritative tone that I think suited the film overall. Perhaps the fact he had worked with Crow before gave him insight into how to work some magic into scenes.

#BlackCreek Image via Last British Dragon

Pierse Stevens (left) plays Deputy Wanner, a highlight in the casting.

In some movies I wish writers would give me more character development, but in this film I wanted less. Much less. Nothing is left unexplained to the detriment overall in a lack of tension. Less may have saved this one.

Available on VOD 16 February 2018, this is more of a background movie to watch while you do something else.

I did hear a really cool line to tell the next person you date, however.

“No matter how much of an un-dead mutilated disease ridden monster you become, I could never stop loving you.”


I give Black Creek 2 out of 5

5 Star Rating System 2 stars


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