New indie horror The Devil In The Dark hits VOD nationwide in the U.S. from Momentum Pictures on Tuesday, March 7th.

devil_in_the_dark_web_resThe Devil In The Dark tells the story of two estranged brothers, Adam and Clint. Brought up by a father who regularly hunted, both brothers couldn’t be more different for one another.

The older brother, Clint loved hunting, Adam enjoyed a good book and didn’t see any point in killing a defenceless animal. These differences also meant that their father also favourited Adam’s older brother. 

One night when all three were on a family hunting trip, something happened. Adam got separated from his family and got lost. When they finally found Adam, he looked terrified, frozen in fear and staring blankly into the black forest in front of him. He saw something sinister in the woods and it was looking right back at him.

15-years later, Adam arrives back in town to make amends with his older brother. A combination of that night and his father’s favouritism forced Adam to pack-up and leave never to be seen or heard of again until now.

The brothers pack their gear and head for the beautiful British Columbian mountains for some much-needed family bonding time. A place so remote that, yup you’ve guessed it, there is no mobile (cell) coverage.

It isn’t long before the two brothers notice they are not alone in the mountains. A supernatural presence begins to stalk them forcing the brothers to put their differences aside and work together to survive.

The Devil In The Dark is a solid indie horror but does take a while to get going. In fact, if you’re just here for the horror then you might find yourself underwhelmed….but hang in there!.

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I found The Devil In The Dark to be much more than a horror film. The Devil In The Dark is a multi-layered feature which touches on grief, loss, betrayal and jealousy and then throws some horror into the mix.

The Devil In The Dark kept me hooked until it went into full horror mode towards the end of the film. When it does, it beyond delivers for the horror fan and descends into something straight out of a Guillermo Del Toro horror movie. The beautiful British Columbian backdrop is home to one if the coolest, imaginative creature lair’s in recent horror history.





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