Review For New Apocalyptic Indie GO NORTH

 GO NORTH hits select U.S. theatres and VOD this Friday, January 13th!

In 2007 Michael Ogens released a heartwarming documentary about a group of street performers in Hollywood that made their living dressing up as superheroes and getting their photographs taken with tourists.

I have been a huge fan of that film, I have sold a tonne of it at work and have recommended it to countless people. If you ain’t checked out Confessions Of A Superhero then you should indeed hook yourself up.

So, when I found out that Go North was from the same director as one of my all-time favourite documentaries, it made the experience even better.

Go North has been described as a modern day Lord Of The Flies and it’s hard not to make that comparison but that is far a from a bad thing.

A talented young cast, including Joshua Close, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Ele Bardha, Jacob Lofland, and Derek Brandon.

Go North

Go North is set in a world in which adults no longer exist. The entire adult population has been wiped off the face of the earth leaving the crumbling world to be run by kids.

A group of child survivors have formed a community which is led by high school Jock, Caleb (Patrick Schwarzenegger). It is evident from the start that Caleb was one of the leaders in high school; one of the guys that everyone looked up to, or feared. Scenes of Caleb wrestling with his high school jock friends who now act as his soldiers prove the point even further, that you don’t get any more jock than, Caleb.

Each day the kids attend what seems like school but the classes are focused on survival and the dangers that await them if they venture outside of their group and into the wilderness that used to be civilisation.

But in this community, there are rules, rules that must be followed: If these rules are broken then you must face the consequences and “walk the line”. Anyone who doesn’t follow Caleb and his cronies set of made up rules are sent through a tunnel into a dark, unknown and dangerous area that is feared by every child.

Go North reminded me of Gareth Edward’s, Monsters. There is no similarities in the story line but just the use of amazing locations that depict an actual apocalyptic sense of dread. Monsters nailed it with an alien invasion, and Go North achieves that same apocalyptic feel for a world turned wasteland run by children with no rules.

One of the great things about Go North is how they manage not to show you what happened to the adults. This acts as a separate story and is told through flashbacks. Obviously, this is the main thing that I think people will want to know but it is cleverly put together to show snippets of the events that unfolded. They show just the right amount as well; not enough for you to be satisfied, but enough for you to want more and keep you glued to the screen.

A solid indie flick with great direction and cinematography. A very talented young cast that all play their roles with ease and give us great characters that we care about. The soundtrack accompanied the film perfectly, it was AMAZING and very original.


Go North will be released via Gunpowder & Sky 

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