POOR AGNES REVIEW: The Ted Bundy Of Female Serial Killers

Poor Agnes movie review

Director Navin Ramaswaran flips the tables with his haunting female-lead serial killer flick POOR AGNES


Yes, there have been movies that featured a female serial killer. For example; Patty Jenkin’s movie MONSTER which starred Charlize Theron. The reason I am mentioning, Monster is because of the killer in that film, she was a victim of abuse. There was a reasoning behind the people that she murdered. In Poor Agnes, there is no reasoning, other than pure sadistic pleasure.

Lora Burke plays Agnes, a smart, charming, and beautiful woman that also happens to be the Ted Bundy of female serial killers.

The film opens with Agnes suffocating a man twice her size in the back of a van. We watch the man fight and struggle for his last breath. The smile on Agnes’ face, tells us the man is already dead.

We’re not aware of how long Agnes has been killing, but you get the feeling she has been at it for some time.

When a P.I arrives unexpectedly at her door investigating the disappearance of one of Agnes’ previous victims, there is no other way to put this, Agnes makes him her bitch!

Agnes keeps him locked in the basement, chained to a pipe. She starves him and forces him to self-mutilate and beg for food. She plays mind-games, threating a gruesome death at every opportunity. Agnes takes extreme pleasure in watching her victims suffer and die a slow and horrible death.

The film takes an unexpected turn as her latest victim becomes more than just a play-thing. An odd relationship slowly forms between the two turning her latest victim an accomplice in her twisted crimes.

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Poor AgnesPoor Agnes feels fresh and original, and Lora Burke scared the crap out of me. She has that delicate balance between beautiful and psychotic and plays it out with ease and perfection.

As for gore, there isn’t a lot of it.  Agnes’ killing methods are clean, so the film doesn’t require the blood and mayhem we get with other serial killer films. The lack of gore in Poor Agnes certainly doesn’t take away from the graphic murder scenes in the movie.

Great indie achievement to come out of Canada and I look forward to more from director Navin Ramaswaran and the cast of Poor Agnes

A new unexpected approach to the serial killer/psycho-horror genre.




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