10 Upcoming Japanese Thrillers You Need To Know About


angerThe film is about a man who brutally murders a couple and then flees to a different part of the country. He then gets plastic surgery to avoid capture by the police.

The film will play-out in three separate stories. Each story will be set in different part of Japan and there will be three suspects in total.

I am liking how this one is sounding. This one could be a whole new lever in the whodunit genre. Also, it being from Japan it more than likely means that it’s gonna be very dark and twisted.

The film is adapted from a novel called Ikari by Chuokoron-Shinsha, which was first published in 2014.



MuseumWhen Japan do serial-killer killer movies we know that it’s going to be hard-core. As I have said before, Japan proudly hold two fingers up to censorship, and the result is usually terrifying.

This Japanese serial-killer film follows detective Hisashi Sawamura. Detective Sawamura  is working on a case that involves a series of bizarre murders. The serial-killer he is after calls himself a vigilante and wears a hooded jacket, and frog mask, and kills his victims based on animal punishment.

The detective learns that the frog-faced serial-killer has now got his next victim in mind. The killer is going after his wife.

Really looking forward to this one. It sounds like we’ve got another unique and disturbing serial-killer movie to look forward to.

Based on a 2013 Manga series called Museum: The Serial-Killer Laughing In The Rain by Ryosuke Tomoe. The film will be distributed by Warner Brothers.



Japanese movie 2016Ok, so this post could easily have been called, Ten New Japanese Thrillers That Are Based On A Manga Series.

The Town Where Only I Am Missing is about part-time Manga artist/pizza delivery called Satoru Fujinuma.  His life is changed when he meets a girl with a very special ability. The girl has the ability to send him back in time to prevent murders before they take place

He uses the power to go back in time to prevent a string of  serial murders. Years ago a serial-killer targeted young children. His mother came face-to-face with killer, he needs to change what happened and save the kids. Things don’t run so smoothly and he gets framed for a crime that he did not commit.

Based on the Manga series, Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, by Kei Sanbe, first published in 2012.



HIMEANOLEAnother Japanese serial-killer movie, and yes, you’ve guessed it, another Manga adaptation. Himeano~ru by Minoru Furuyawas was first published in 2008 and finished 2010.

This doesn’t sound like your average, straight-up serial-killer flick. The film is about a female serial-killer that is trying to get her new boyfriend involved in her killing spree.

Here is the official plot from the movie…

Okada works part-time at a cleaning company. Recently he has been feeling frustrated about his go-nowhere life. One day his co-worker Mr. Ando asks Okada to help him in his quest to win the love of Yuka, a waitress at a nearby restaurant. Reluctantly Okada agrees and, by chance, meets high school classmate Shoichi Morita when at the restaurant.

After seeing Okada and Morita talking, Yuka tells Okada that Morita has been stalking her. While Okada finds it hard to believe, he recalls how Morita was severely bullied throughout high school. He wonders if there may now be something amiss with his former friend.

While the ordinary life drama between Okada, Yuka and Mr. Ando plays out, the deranged Morita engages in a spree of serial murders as he attempts to trap Yuka in his web of lust-driven crime.



twisted justiceThis film IS NOT based on a Manga series.

Twisted Justice is based on a non-fiction book that was written by Yoshiaki Inaba. He wrote the book in 2002 after serving 9 years in prison after being arrested for drug and gun possession.

Yoshiaki Inaba was a respected police officer but was also known as The Black Chief Inspector. His whole department playing by their own rules and were as corrupt as they come.

The film focuses on the antics of his whole department and their many years as corrupt police officers.

The film also has a bit of humour and is not just a thriller



I really hope you enjoyed the list. I am sure you’ll agree with me when I say that we have some serious demented but brilliant movies to be looking forward to.

As always, thanks so much for reading.


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