Hugely popular Japanese Manga series ATTACK ON TITAN on way to Hollywood

I guess it was only a matter of time before Hollywood got their hands on it.

Attack On Titan has done very well in Japan. First, a graphic Manga series, illustrated and written by Hajime Isayama. That was then adapted into anĀ AnimeĀ series currently consisting of 1 season (with season 2 announced). The series was then adapted for the big- screen with two feature-length live-action films, Attack On Tit an & Attack On Titan: End Of The World. On top of all that, it also spawned some computer games. So, it’s safe to say that Attack On Titan is indeed a huge franchise and now Warner Brothers have realised it’s possible western potential…could Attack On Titan have the same effect on a western audience ?

Warner Bros are supposedly in talks to buy the rights for the American remake.

The remake of Attack On Titan will then be put into the hands of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them producer, David Heyman


The original story took place in a world over- run by giant alien Titans. Large humanoid giants that take pleasure in ripping apart humans. The remaining humans have built a wall to keep the Titans at bay.

An elite squadron, trained to kill the Titans is formed. Using their specially designed gear they are able to out-smart the giants, hit their weak-spots and bring them down.

I think the original Manga series is one of the best about. It is dark, terrifying and very graphic. The Japanese live-action films also worked although there was some questionable CGI.


If Attack On Titan is to get the Hollywood make-over then I hope they stick to the original material and keep it dark AF

More information to follow as it’s announced. Thanks for reading

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