Fantasia International Film Festival screened The Inerasable, the new Japanese ghost story from Yoshihiro Nakamura

The Inerasable tells the story of a horror writer (Yuko Takeuchi) who writes stories based on submissions from her readers.

She receives a story from a student called, Kubo (Ai Hashimoto). The young student wants the novelist to investigate strange sounds coming from her new apartment.

When the novelist and Kubo start to dig into the strange happenings they realise that it isn’t only her. Other tenants are experiencing the same kind of ghostly encounters, and it’s been forcing them to suicide.

Kubo and the novelist start to dig into the building’s history. What they unearth is a story so sick, seedy and disturbing.  A story more horrifying than any of them could ever have imagined.inerasable1-xlarge


The depth of this movie is outstanding. When the film gets going it’s just revelation after revelation. There is so much to the story you’ll find it hard trying to keep up. But it is just so well put together, you find yourself completely captivated by what you’re watching . As every new part of the story is revealed that part in itself offers its own horror story.

The multi-layered story is brilliantly written. It’s a movie I guarantee horror fans will love and will be left wanting more. If you’re a fan of Asian horror then this will no doubt be a welcome entry into your collection.

The cinematography is beautiful, acting is powerful and the film is perfectly crafted together.  full of amazing music and eerie sound FX.


A tremendous horror movie. Felt like the beginning of Japanese horror and made me realise why I fell in love with Asian horror in the first place

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Nakahura gives us a great curse story complete with all the scares and jumps you’d expect from a good  Japanese horror. The ghostly figures are almost like shadows crawling across the floors or walls with each movement sounding like a bone breaking.  The ending of the movie leaves you with a sense of dread and hits you right in the gut.

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