New South Korean Cinema – 5 New South Korean Films You Need To Know About

5 new films coming our way from South Korea to hook you up with.

A nice blend of South Korean,  horror, action, crime and comedy. I hope you enjoy it.

Gokseong (The Wailing)

Goksung is the new South Korean film from the director and writer of The Chaser, and The Yellow Sea. It is, without a doubt the number one film on this list that I am most looking forward to seeing.

The Chaser, and The Yellow Sea movies are among my faves in S.Korean cinema. Two very different films that I strongly believe are among the best in their genres. If you haven’t already checked out then you will need to put them on the list. Leo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way own the rights to the American remake of The Chaser but it has been laying dormant for years.

So, I’m a little more than excited to be checking out Na Hong Jin’s next feature.  We know for certain that this man can deliver some captivating cinema.

The poster already looks stunning and it looks to be set in a beautiful part of the world. I am almost certain that the title of the movie is a reference to Gokseong, which is a county in South Jeolla Province, South Korea.

The story takes place in a rural village and focuses on a police detective ( Kwak Do-Won, The Attorney, A Company Man, The Berlin File) who gets assigned and has to solve some bizarre murders.

Updated post: We got to see The Wailing and review it as part of our Fantasia Festival coverage

Fatal Intuition

Fatal Intuition is the first film by director Yoon Joon-Hyeong. The film grabbed my attention because it looks to have a unique storyline. The film is about a woman who has a gift  – she can see people’s death and how they will die just before it happens.

The brother of a murdered woman teams up with her and uses her special abilities to help find the guy who killed his sister – and all the evidence points to a local pharmacist

Sounds like a nice premise and the chance for a great blend of horror and thriller.  It also sounds like we could have another really twisted tale to watch out for.

The Exclusive: Beat The Devil’s Tattoo

If this film plays out like I’m thinking it will, then it looks like we’re in for another solid S.Korean serial-killer flick.

The story focuses on a journalist that is going through some serious personal issues at home. When he breaks the news of a new serial killer stalking the streets, he becomes the hottest writer at work. As the cops keep pushing at him for some evidence he learns that there is no serial killer and the news he received was false but he continues to write more stories to maintain his popularity.

And from that news, it looks like a copycat serial killer is born and starts killing people using the methods that were published in the articles.

I’m sure this film is quite dark but judging from the trailer it looks like a lot of fun, Although I like my S.Korean serial-killer movies to be as dark as the night, I am looking forward to something a little different – will they get it right?


Another directorial début  – this time from Jung Hee-Sung. Jung Hee-Sung won an award at the Busan Film Festival some years ago for her short, Dinner At Lee’s House.

Eclipse or AKA, Cutter is described as a teen/crime/drama, which might put some people off but I can assure you that even if this is a teen movie then it is more than likely not going to be for a teen audience.

The film focuses on a new student who gets involved with a loner at his new school. The two new besties then go off and commit a sex crime and the film will be based on that.

In a press conference after the film’s first screening, the director/writer said why she chose to go down this dark path for her first feature-length…

“The film has greater emphasis on the students’ psychological context rather than their perception of the nature of crime,”

A previous movie that was reviewed on moviehooker focused on the dark side of cyberbullying and suicide within social media – the film had an all-teen cast and was still dark as fuck (read the full review for Socialphobia).

A Violent Prosecutor

The film tells the story of a no-bull-shit, strict prosecutor that is known for handing out harsh sentences to those who commit crimes.

He pisses people off so much that he is framed for a murder and sent to prison – the same one  he sent everyone else throughout the years, so as you can imagine he ain’t the most popular resident at the prison

He spends his time behind bars trying to figure out who framed him and set him up for the murder. He gets the help of a con artist who he previously sent down to help him catch the real killer while at the same time trying to avoid being killed by the very inmates he sent down.

Although I would prefer this flick to be an all-out hardcore action/crime film,  A Violent Prosecutor has been categorised as a comedy/crime movie. Every comedy that I have seen from S.K has always been great and filled with great laugh-out-loud, non-obvious comedy.

It still looks like it’s gonna be pretty hardcore though.


I think the premise for Island could do just that, it sounds like it could be a nice, creepy ghost story.

When a man loses his family in an accident – he moves into his family home which he inherited. The house is situated on an Island, and locals believe that a supernatural force resides there.

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