I am back with a new list featuring some of the best dark South Korean serial killer K Dramas

The very reason I started watching dark serial killer K Dramas was because of my love for South Korean genre cinema. I thought to myself if these guys are dishing out some of the best serial killer and revenge movies on the planet, then chances are, they’ve got TV shows that push the boundaries of cinema also. I couldn’t have been more right. Fast forward to roughly 10 years later and now the whole world has realised the importance and brilliance of South Korean productions.


After the severed fingers of a woman are found in a small rural town, it reopens an old 20-year-old cold case where the fingers of a missing local woman where the only thing that was found. The rest of her body was never found causing decades of heartache for the family.

Beyond Evil is extremely clever. It may not be very graphic but the story itself is dark and there ain’t a chance you will figure out where it’s going to go.

Season 1 is highly-addictive and a whopping 16-1 hour episodes for you all to enjoy. You can check this Dark serial killer drama out on Netflix.


A taxi driver unknowingly picks up a serial killer who then forces him on a cross-country journey. He promises to keep the driver alive if he listens to his story on everyone he killed…and how he killed them, What the killer is unaware of though is that the mother of one of his previous victims has taken the law into her own hands and is hot on his trail to get revenge for her son.


Strangers From Hell is based on a webtoon called Hell is Other People. It follows an aspiring writer who cannot move into a run-down apartment complex called Eden. Not long after he moves in, he starts to realise that something bizarre is happening with all the residents.

Strangers From Hell has one of the finest and smartest finales I think of. Not only that, but it is also wonderfully written and certain scenes really do push the boundaries of television.

Strangers From Hell Dark Serial Killer K Dramas


Gap Dong was my very first introduction to dark serial killer K Dramas. At the time (I still am) I was obsessed with Korean cinema and had this crazy idea. If we were getting so many quality, dark and daring films, I bet they also have some great, dark TV shows. I was right.

I was that committed to watching Gap Dong that I watched it on YouTube in about 200, 3-minute videos. I have no idea how I managed to endure that but I was blown away at my first introduction into the world of dark serial killer K Dramas.

A serial killer case spanning decades throws two detectives into Gap Dong’s dark twisted world when evidence surfaces that the killer is not dead.


When I first thought about writing this list, I knew from my followers that A Killer Paradox belonged on this here (we have great taste). And, yeah, they were right. This is another superior, sick and twisted dark South Korean serial killer K drama.

It follows Lee Tang a shop assistant in a local convenient store who spends most of his days taking abuse from customers. One evening, he takes a lend of a claw hammer from his work to do some repairs at home. He gets into an altercation with a drunk customer who gave him abuse during his shift. In a split moment of madness he takes out the hammer and strikes him fatally on the head. The next day, he realises that he isn’t even a suspect. He just got away with murder. This ignites a darkness in him and he continues his killing spree, killing only people who deserve to die.


Bargain is one of the darkest and craziest South Korean TV shows I have ever seen. It opens with a seedy meeting between a young underage girl an elderly man looking for sex. The next thing we know, the man is naked, strapped to an operating table with bidders surrounding him looking to buy his organs. An earthquake then crumbles the building trapping everyone inside.

Not only does this series have 2 demented psychotic serial killers, it also has a lot of desperate people looking human organs and will do anything to get them…even if that means killing.

 That is it for part 1 of Moviehooker’s Dark Serial Killer k dramas.

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