Darkest Serial Killer K Dramas You Need To See Part 2

I am back with my part two of the darkest serial killer K Dramas you must all check out – let’s get straight to it!

King Of Pigs Live Action drama


The King Of Pigs was first an animated feature from Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho. If I remember correctly, The King of Pigs was his second feature with his first being the impressive animated feature The Fake. I couldn’t think of a better story to be adapted into a gruesome K Drama

Like a lot of dark K Dramas, The King of Pigs delves deep into the horrible world of high school bullying. Some friends meet up after 20 years apart to recall their horrible past of being bullied at school. At the same time of their reunion, a serial murderer starts killing people.

This is some of the darkest serial killer K dramas out there and one that will surely impress those of like a bit of graphic content.


Somebody is available to stream on Netflix. I am pretty sure it is a Netflix original so it will be available everywhere to stream.

This series focuses on a young woman with Aspergers who is also a computer genius. She invents a dating app in the hope of finding her soul mate but ends up connecting with a possible serial killer.


If you’re going to have the darkest of serial killer k dramas then you better believe that Takashi Miike is going to deliver. A bit of a strange one as Japanese maestro Miike tackles a serial killer k Drama. The results are more than watchable but I do admit, it can get a little confusing (also to be expected with Miike).

Connect follows a man who gets kidnapped by a load of organ traffickers. One of his eyes is then removed and placed into the eye socket of a serial killer. He then starts to have visions about the victims that the killer is slaughtering.


Not only is Mouse of of the darkest serial killer K Dramas out there but it is also highly regarded as one of the best TV shows in history. It will raise questions in every episode, questions you think you’ll know the answer too but you won’t. With every little detail connected, Mouse is storytelling at its very finest.

Mouse is also a hard watch in certain scenes so if you’re not into graphic serial killer thrillers then I would highly recommend that you give this one a miss.


Another astonishing crime drama that follows a detective who begins to suspect that her perfect husband of 15 years is an actual serial killer that she has been investigating.

The structure, twists and turns of these K Dramas are unlike anything out there.They are miles ahead of everyone in terms of character and story development.

You can check out Flower Of Evil on Netflix. I am not sure if this one is a Netflix Original – it is definitely available in the UK & Ireland

That is it for this list of the darkest serial killer K dramas. I hope you have added some new TV shows to your ever-growing watchlist.

Darkest Serial Killer K Dramas Part 1

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