no tearsAnother film that was in one of my Upcoming Foreign Thrillers lists. No Tears For The Dead is a South Korean action flick that was released last year. If you read my site on a regular basis then you probably have South Korea tattooed inside your brain by now. I know myself that I don’t shut up about S.K films, but I do think that I can back up just about any argument if someone challenged me about them, and told me ‘S.K films are shit’, there would be a war of words that’s for sure!

Last night  the Mrs went into town to meet some friends and I am only after having some dental work done I’m sore as fuck!. I ordered my Thai curry and some chips and flicked on good ole Netflix for my daily game of Russian Roulette.. what I mean by that, is that when you switch on Netlfix, it’s a gamble if I find something to watch..unfortunately Netlfix wins this game most of the time and I find myself just browsing the library before I give up. accept defeat and go to bed. Last night I found that film without even trying, it was like I was drawn automatically by an unseen force…or it could be just the sad fact that I have memorised their entire library and noticing something new nearly makes me shit a brick!.

No Tears For The Dead starts off a little different to the rest of the S.K films we all know and love.The film starts off in America, at that point I thought Netflix had defeated me again. I thought they dubbed the film and was about to start crying, I had my finger on the button waiting to switch it off (I hate dubbed movies). Then I noticed that they actually were speaking English and that we where in America (Minnesota I think) it was a little bit of a wtf? moment.


We meet our lead character who is some sort of assassin. He is ordered to do a job which ends up going horribly wrong. He wants out (as they all do lol), this was his last job but the big-boss-man ain’t having none of it, and say’s, ‘you fucked up that job, you have no choice, you have to do this one’. Our lead is then ordered to travel to South Korea to assassinate one last target.

I have given away very little plot details and I would highly advise not to read anything else other than what you have read here. Leave it all to the imagination folks, let it rock your world by surprise….I’m not even gonna post a trailer or a plot, because, I’m a cunt like that 🙂

A great action flick, not my favourite to have come out of S.K but it still kicks some serious ass.

From the director of Man From Nowhere, so if you liked that then you’ll enjoy this one.

Available on Netflix U.S

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