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I Have Made Another List Of Dark South Korean Movies I believe That Should Be On Everyone’s Radar

One thing we thrive at here at Moviehooker is Asian cinema. I find myself checking upcoming Asian releases and following the Asian Box Office more so than any other country in the world. Now I have put together a new list of dark South Korea movies that will be coming our way soon. I hope you enjoy!


New Korean Movies

I have searched a few sites trying to get a proper plot for this one but to no avail. The only description of the film I can see is this  – A mysterious incident takes place among three young persons Jong-soo, Ben, Hae-mi, who have lived in their own way.

Well, that’s obviously not telling us much. The reason this goes on the list is that of the director  Lee Chang-dong. Although I am not familiar with his work, he has picked up some prestigious awards throughout the years for both directing and screenwriting. Burning has just made history at Cannes film festival so this REALLY one to look forward to. It also stars Yeun from The Walking Dead


New South Korean Movies

This one sounds like a great concept for a movie. The story follows a detective who is trying to take down one of the biggest drug lords in Asia. He forms an unlikely partnership with a low-key member of the very gang he is pursuing and the two plan out their revenge.

So what we got is a film about criminals and cops teaming up to take down one badass drug lord. This sounds like a hell of a lot of fun if you ask me.


New South Korean Movies

This new film from director  Lee Chang-hee has been described as a psychological thriller. To me, the premise really reminds me of a supernatural horror. The film follows a detective who is investigating the death of a woman. Things start to get a little weird when they notice that her body has disappeared from the morgue.

This is the directorial debut from  Lee Chang-hee. If this lives up to the creepy poster and plot, we may have another S.K director to keep our eyes peeled on.


New South Korean Movies

You all know that I am a huge fan of revenge movies, especially revenge movies from South Korea. One of my South Korean revenge movie articles sits proudly on the throne of Google search engines. That was, and still is one of my biggest and proudest achievements since starting Moviehooker.

Anyways, although this has a 6.1 rating on IMDb, it still sounds like we could be on to a winner. This South Korean revenge tale takes place after a man accidentally kills a girl when driving in harsh weather conditions. Instead of doing the right thing and contacting the authorities, he dumps her lifeless body in a nearby lake. The father of the victim then comprises a plan to take revenge on the murderer. His plan is to make this man suffer as much as possible to make him pay for what he has done. With most revenge movies, they take place within a few days (if even that). This revenge story will take place over the course of seven years.


New South Korean Movies

Steel Rain is listed as a 2017 release but that was in South Korea. I am sure we will see a release on this side of the water pretty soon. I  always love a good North Vs South movie and this sounds like it could be a lot of fun. For those of you looking for a great North V South movie, check out on called Secretly Greatly.

A military coup forces a North Korean soldier into the South. While waiting on North Korea to come and rescue him, he ends up on the side of South Korea fighting to prevent a nuclear war.

From the director of the great courtroom drama, The Attorney.

That is it for this list. As always, thanks for reading


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