Yeon Sang-ho, The Director Of TRAIN TO BUSAN Is Back With New Sci-Fi Comedy PSYCHOKINESIS

It’s hard to think that up until 2016, director Yeon Sang-ho had never made a live-action movie. Before Train To Busan (which was also meant to be animated), Yeon’s speciality was dark animated cinema.

His movies The King Of Pigs (2011) and  The Fake (2013) were both released to critical acclaim. Another animated film followed called Seoul Station which is a prequel to his first live-action film, Train To Busan. 

With the world-wide madness and praise that came with the awesome Train To Busan, Yeon Sang-ho is no doubt one of the hottest directors working in South Korea today.

Not a lot is known about the plot for his new film, Psychokinesis.

I’m not 100%, it looks like Psychokinesis could be another live-action film. The poster looks like it could also be animated, I just can’t tell. Either way, I am a huge fan and I couldn’t care less what sort of film it is. My wallet is open and I am ready for my money to be taken.

The film follows a father who realises that he has now got superpowers. He uses his new superhero-like abilities to help his daughter and others. Along the way he also makes some enemies; it wouldn’t be much of a superhero film if our hero didn’t have an arch enemy to fight, would it?!.

Here is a short plot from Wiki

The story concerns a man who inadvertently acquires superpowers and uses them to help his daughter and others, but runs into trouble in the process.

Expect Moviehooker to be following this film all through production. I think Psychokinesis is a flick that should be on everyone’s list. I have no doubts whatsoever that Psychokinesis will be a fresh take on the over-populated superhero sub-genre.

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Here’s the poster
Psychokinesis movie
Poster for Sang-ho Yeon’s Psychokinesis
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More to follow as it’s announced.


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