New South Korean Movies That Are About To Rock Our Screens

Before there becomes too many to deal with I thought I would get another list happening of new South Korean Films.

Just the other day I stumbled on a new South Korean serial killer flick I hadn’t heard of. That was a bit of an eyeopener and made me realise…I better get another list of new films rocking before any more manage to slip past me. Enjoy.


New South Korean Movies RAMPANT

I was confident that when I saw the trailer for this new historical zombie movie RAMPANT it was a series called KINGDOM. I found it strange that the story was so similar but it turns out we now have 2 South Korean zombie productions to look forward to. Rampant is set during the historical Joseon period.

A new infection is spreading through South Korea turning everyone into super-fast flesh-munching zombies. It’s up to some bad-ass individuals with great head-chopping sword skills to eradicate the zombie threat.

I posted the trailer for this film but I thought I would add it to a list just in case any of you missed it.

Also, expect to hear more soon on upcoming South Korean zombie Netflix series KINGDOM.


New South Korean Movies DARK FIGURE OF CRIME

A new South Korean serial killer film that is based on a true story. The plot in which this film is based on is still an ongoing case. I found similarities in the storyline to other Asian thrillers likes Confessions Of Murder.

A serial killer confesses his crimes when still behind bars. Detectives must race against the clock to prove the murders before the statute of limitations runs out and the killer walks free.

I recently read some reviews for this. Fans of the South Korean serial killer sub-genre should be excited, it looks like this will be amazing.


New South Korean Movies OUTDOOR BEGINS

With a title like Outdoor Begins, this film nearly slipped past me. You’ll be glad it didn’t, as we have another delicious South Korean serial killer movie.

This time, the story focuses on a new contract killer. His first mission is to kill some dude, chop off his finger and bring it back to his bosses for proof of killing. He realises after he kills his target he doesn’t have the stomach to cut the finger from the dead body.

After he finds a strange mask and puts it on, his murderous urges become uncontrollable. This, of course, is bad news for a load of young people who are camping nearby.


New South Korean Movies MEMENTO MORI

Not to be confused with the 1999 South Korean horror movie of the same name (which was the second instalment in the popular Whispering Corridors franchise).

Memento Mori sounds a little bit like a Saw movie. This intrigues me, I know South Korea never hold back on their gruesomeness…well, it’s very rare if they do.

6 people wake up with no idea how they got there or what their connection is to each other. A game of survival begins putting each of the strangers against each other.

This one has been described as a horror movie and not a thriller. Not an awful lot to go on but the concept does sound interesting.

As always, thanks for reading.

Words By Gary Gamble
Owner/Founder/CEO @ Moviehooker

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