Trailer For New South Korean Zombie Film RAMPANT

Tired of seeing zombies on the small-screen and big-screen??. Tough, South Korea is back with a new film, and the dead have returned to life…once again!

It was March 2017, I stumbled on the news of a new Netflix original zombie series that was just about to go into production. It wasn’t that long after the release of the worldwide smash hit TRAIN TO BUSAN. So, after seeing the mountain of money and success TTB brought, it would be a foolish mistake not to try and bring something similar.

Before reading anything about this trailer, I jumped straight in and thought this was the official trailer for Kingdom. I mean, how many zombie flicks can be set in South Korea during the Joseon period?. Well, it would seem we have two, as these are completely separate from each other. Hey, this is far from a bad thing, especially for zombie fans. We now have two high-quality zombie productions to look forward to.

As zombie films go, I am a fan of the slow-moving zombie. I think the first film to which I accepted this new athletic form of infection was the Dawn Of The Dead remake. There have been other exceptions like Rec, or 28 Days Later (I know they weren’t zombies, shut up!).

Rampant looks to be a follow-up to a 2014 movie called Kundo: Age Of The Rampant. I was completely unaware of this film, I will have to hunt it out before I think about watching this one.

Rampant is directed by Kim Sung-Hoon  (Confidential Assignment )

The film was financially backed by Next Entertainment World. This is the same crowd who funded recent South Korean classics like Pandora and…yup, you’ve guessed it, Train To Busan.

More news to follow on Rampant. Also, check back for news on Netflix original zombie series Kingdom and news on the upcoming sequel to Train To Busan, Penisula.

As always, thanks for reading.


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