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3 New South Korean Movies That Should Be On Your Radar.

It has been a good year for South Korean cinema with films like Dark Figure Of Crime making serious waves at the Asian box-office. But, the year ain’t over yet! we have a few more to share with all. This is a short list with only 3 movies but I am hoping they’re going to be good ones. I hope you enjoy.


New South Korean Movies 2018

The Revenger primarily takes play on an isolated island. This island is populated by death row inmates, so I would imagine it full of rapists and murderers and the lowest scum on the planet. The island is run by the meanest motherfucker imaginable and on this island, he is untouchable. An undercover agent is sent to infiltrate the gang and to take down the island’s crime boss.

The trailer just looks magnificent. I think South Korea needs to step up their game when it comes to action cinema. The folk over in Indonesia are wiping the floor when it comes gratuitous, mindless, epic violence in cinema. The Revenger looks like a worthy contender. I sure hope I am right!.

The directorial debut from Lee Seung-won. Let’s see if this is a fresh new start for brutal martial arts cinema from South Korea.


New South Korean Movies 2018

Starring Don Lee (Real name Dong-seok Ma) from Train To Busan, The Outlaws and The Good The Bad & The Weird. Unstoppable puts the big man back in the leading role…where he belongs.

With a title like Unstoppable, you can only imagine what’s in store. Our leading man, Don Lee is a force to be reckoned with on-screen, and he can deliver one hell of a bitch-slap.

He plays a husband and ex-bad-ass gangster who comes home to find that his house has been broken into. The place is trashed and his wife is now missing. I am guessing he is just gonna bitch-slap everyone until he gets her back.

That’s the only plot I need.


New South Korean Movies 2018

Not a lot is known about the plot and the only premise I can find is a short one. The film follows a woman called Kyung-Min who arrives back to her apartment to find a mobile phone under her bed. Someone broke in when she was out and accidentally dropped the phone.

The phone that she now has in her possession is connected to an unknown murder case which throws Kyung-Min into the sights of the killer.

That’s it for this list. As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble

Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker


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