5 Upcoming Japanese & Korean Crime Movies

We are back with a new list, this time focusing on upcoming Japanese and Korean crime movies.


Based on the novel Chinmoku no Parade by Keigo Higashino, Silent Parade sounds like an awesomely dark and brooding murder mystery with some serial killer undertones..

Physicist Manabu Yukawa returns home to Japan after a long stint in America. He is approached by a Detective who is investigating the murder of a young girl. This horrific case bares striking similarities to another cold case, both times the suspect was released due to lack of evidence. When the suspect is found dead, it’s up to the cop and physicist to join forces to find the real killer.


Project Wolf Hunting has been getting some great reviews. So much so that it instantly become one of my most anticipated films of the year.

Supposedly, we’re getting absolute violent mayhem with this one. It follows three notoriously violent criminals who are getting transported on a cargo ship from Philippines to South Korea. Some sort of sinister force, be it supernatural or just psychotic, is unleashed on board and carnage ensues.

Written and directed by Kim Hong-sun, a very important figure in the world of K Drama television, directing some of the best releases including The Guest, Voice, Money Heist Korea, etc.


Goodbye Cruel World is about a gang of strangers who meet at a motel for one night only to pull off a heist. Things take an unexpected turn when the yakuza show up looking for the money.


What would an Asian crime movie list be without some South Korean revenge? And thats exactly what you’re going to get.

Remember also seems to be a fresh approach to this sub-genre.

An elderly man in his 80s has lost everything due to the Japanese occupation of Korea. Left with no other choice, he decides to get revenge on the main culprit who caused his suffering. But, being in his 80s, revenge might prove to be a little difficult. His plans for Vengeance take an interesting turn when he receives the help of a young badass who promises the elderly man revenge in those who wronged him.


A serial child kidnapper has struck again, snatching yet another, young innocent life. Officer So-Eun is assigned to the case, but she also has a close connection with one of the missing kids. When a mysterious figure called Hye-Jin keeps popping up in her investigation she starts to learn dark secrets about the case she is trying to solve.


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