The Best European Shudder Films

The best European Films on Shudder. We hope you enjoy it. Check back soon for part two.

The Best European Shudder films. I’m sure, if you’re a hardened horror fan like ourselves, you will have seen a lot of these films listed below. I do hope though that there are a few you haven’t seen yet and this article tweaks your interests to go and check it out. Let’s get to it.


Speak No Evil is a Danish movie that really got a lot of people talking for mainly 2 reasons: 1, the brutality and bleakness of the final act and 2, the actions of the parents. But, folks, regardless of what side of the fence you’re on, Speak No Evil is a tremendous horror film.

I’ve finally decided that these types of flicks are my favourite horror movies, a sub-genre I have christened “Human Horror”. There isn’t a bleaker experience than humans doing nasty shit to other humans just because they can.

The story of a family who goes on a weekend trip to visit a seemingly normal family they met on holiday. They begin to realise that this couple and their mute son are hiding something. They are not like the people they met on holiday and slowly, their true intentions

You can check out the Moviehooker review for Speak No Evil below


Frontier(s) is one of those films people think of when describing New Wave Extreme French Horror. A flick about a group of typical young teen culprits who end up staying at an inn that’s run by a group of neo-Nazis after escaping political riots in Paris.

Another great homage to classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Frontier(s) is a harrowing and depraved experience not to be missed.

Written and directed by Xavier Gens, director of Cold Skin, Gangs of London (not sure which episodes), also, the criminally underrated, The Divide. It has been a long time since I have watched Frontier(s) so I would like to thank myself for reminding me to watch it again!


High Tension sits among the greats in French extreme cinema. A simplistic story of two girls on a weekend break in the country who start to get stalked by a psychopathic killer. Some say this flick doesn’t make sense, some say it’s a stroke of genius. That’s the beauty of cinema, right? we all got those opinions. So, make your own mind up if you haven’t seen it yet.

From writer/director Alexandre Aja, the man who gave us The Hill Have Eyes (superb remake), Piranha 3D (stupid, but lots of fun) & Crawl (awesome killer croc/gator movie). High Tension, I think was Aja’s second feature-length film with the first being Furia


One of the finest Found Footage films out there. Rec follows a group of firefighters, a cameraman and a reporter who are trapped in an apartment building during a viral outbreak that’s transforming the residents into hybrid zombie demons.

As far as I am aware, there have been 4 Rec movies…maybe 5. 1+2 was superb as part 2 picks up straight after the events of the first film. 3 is watchable, it just takes a serious departure from the style of the first two. All are worth a watch but 1+2 are defo the best.

From what I can remember, the two directors parted ways and each made their own Rec movie. I can’t help but think if they both stuck together, we would’ve had a flawless franchise. Still, it is miles better than a lot of shit out there.


In the rural countryside, a family are living with a decades-long curse that sees family members eventually come to an untimely and horrific death. When a group of archaeologists discover a fossilised female body in the marshes a bizarre chain of supernatural events starts to unfold.

The head researcher from the team falls for the daughter of the household. She has told him time and time again “stay away from me, me and my family are cursed”. Do you think he listens?

Moloch is a great traditional folk horror movie from the Netherlands. The atmosphere is superb and the scares are genuinely chilling. The pace is a little slow, to begin with, but don’t let that put you off. A lot of this film is also in English, so we get the best of both worlds.


Yummy has a pretty silly name, right? but don’t let that fool you, this is a really solid zombie flick with a decent amount of gore and a whole lot of laughs.

Sick of constantly getting harassed and wolf-whistled at, Alison decides to take a trip to a clinic to get her breasts reduced. With her is her husband who wants her to hold on to the body that God gave her (nothing to do with him just wanting a wife with big boobs haha) and her obnoxious mother who is clinging on with dear life to any youth she has left. Not long after their arrival at the plastic surgery clinic, all hell breaks loose as the patients and staff start turning into flesh eaters.

Another thing that really stood out with this film is the OST. I remember it being really effective but basically only using one continuous note throughout. That sort of stuff is impressive as Hell to me.


A night-time taxi driver in Berlin stumbles on a serial killer viciously butchering a female victim. Although the killer is hidden among the shadows, the killer now knows what she looks like and chases her through the city and will stop at nothing until she is dead.

This was awesome, another solid af German serial killer movie; gritty, dark, unforgiving and violent. Cold Hell also features one of the strongest and most badass female leads I have seen. It was definitely one of those films where you thought to yourself, that serial killer just fked with the wrong lady.


The Norwegian Nazi zombie movie from Tommy Wirkola. A group of teens head to a remote cabin in the Norwegian wilderness and accidentally summon a Nazi general as his Nazi SS troops.

Dead Snow became one of the biggest European horrors ever…and for good reason too. It was silly, and gruesome and played homage to the greats like Evil Dead. We knew this was a horror movie made by horror fans.

The sequel was also a lot of fun although it didn’t quite live up to the original. It was obvious that the second part was trying to attract a bigger audience with the American characters that got introduced. It still worked though and that very rarely does…I’m looking at you Peninsula!

Ok, that’s it for this list of best European Shudder Films. If you feel I missed any, then please let me know! next up is the best Asian content on Shudder. Stay tuned.

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