Killer Animals & Venomous Spiders: Meet 2024’s New Horror Villains

A new list of movies featuring some killer animals and highly venomous, murderous insects. I want to introduce you all to 2024’s new horror villains. I hope you enjoy and add these movies to your ever-growing watchlist. Let’s get to it.


Feral is a new killer boar movie from Australia. I know we have boars all over the world but we can be guaranteed that if they’re Australian boars…they’re going to be the deadliest boars on the planet.

Not a lot is known about the plot but TBH, do we need to know? I think the confirmation of giant killer boars is enough to sell any horror lover. I do know it’s about a father and daughter stranded in a dust storm that comes under attack from the killer boars. That’s enough for me.

Expect this pack of killer animals to look awesome as director Jesse O’Brien also serves as visual FX artist with his most recent work being the lamely timid, yet beautiful Adam Driver dino flick, 65.


I have been talking about Infested now for what seems like forever. It has been confirmed that Infested will be arriving on Shudder but a date has yet to be announced.

A resident in a large high-rise apartment building unleashes venomous 8-legged Hell when an exotic spider escapes from a container in his home. Not only is this spider highly venomous but it’s also rapidly multiplying and evolving.

Writer/director Sebastien Vanicek has been signed on to direct a new French Extreme-themed Evil Dead spin-off which I can not wait for. He has promised us an Evil Dead that will hurt and test its viewers. Sign us up!

Killer Animals and Venomous Insects Movie List Moviehooker


I’m beginning to grow a bit concerned about the Arachnophobia remake. This was supposedly going to be Christopher Landon’s (Happy Death Day) next movie but recent news states otherwise. I am not sure if this has been shelved or is in development hell.

The original told the story of a small American town that becomes the breeding ground for an army of murderous spiders. One of the best horror films ever made but I must say that I am looking forward to the remake so I hope we see it happen at some point.


There’s one thing I hate more than killer spiders, and that’s – mutant space spiders and that folks, is what we’re getting in Sting.

A young girl called Charlotte befriends a tiny spider she sees hatch from a mysterious egg. She calls her tiny new friend Sting. But something ain’t right with Sting, his appetite can not be satisfied and he is growing at an alarmingly dangerous rate. Sting then goes on a killing spree, munching on anyone he can get his legs on. Sting’s one friend, the young girl named Charolette may be the only person who knows how to put a stop to the killing.


Beast of War is the new film from director/writer Kiah Roache-Turner, the man behind the awesome apocalyptic zombie action movie Wrymwood.

Set during WW2, 2 soldiers end up stranded at sea on a small raft with little supplies and a very hungry great white shark watching their every move.

This sounds like Open Water, which I thought was terrifying and superbly well done. There may not be a high kill count in Beast Of War but if it is like Open Water, you’ll be begging for one of them to survive by the end of the film.



Under Paris is offering us something we’ve never seen done before. A killer shark in the river Seine, Paris!

This one is also directed by the great Xavier Gens (Frontiers, Mayhem, Cold Skin, The Divide and Gangs of London). So, expect Under Paris to be of super high production value. It is hitting Netflix this summer. Date TBC


I’m sure we can all agree that one of the best Hollywood shark movies we ever got was Deep Blue Sea. Director Renny Harlin returns to the dark depths of the sea in Deep Water.

Aaron Eckhart and Ben Kingsley star as passengers of a plane that has to make an emergency crash-landing into an ocean. The wreckage and blood from the wounded and dead attract a frenzy of hungry sharks. What more do you need to know?

This one sounds like a more believable version of the —. Also a new shark (not going on the list) about a plane stuck on the bottom of the ocean. Trapped in some sort of air pocket, they must figure out how to survive or become fish food.

That is it for this list of new killer animals and venomous insects movies. You can follow Moviehooker on the socials listed below. Make sure to check back soon for more news, reviews, interviews and TV and movie lists. As always, thanks for reading.

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