More South Korean Movies To Look Froward to in 2022

We are back with another list, this time hooking you up with more fantastic South Korean movies coming your way this year.

It’s only April and already it looks like we’re nearly swamped with great upcoming South Korean movies releasing in 2022. You can expect to see more… it’s hard to keep up but we do try. Here’s our new list!


This one sounds like a great murder/mystery/crime thriller. Anchor follows a huge people news anchor called Se Ra, who gets a phone just before she is about to go live on television. The caller is claiming that she is about to be killed. She is requesting that the Se Ra be the one to cover her death when her body is found. Not knowing if this was a prank call, Se Ra soon realises too late the truth behind the call: she was found murdered along with her daughter. This news completely destroys Se Ra, her every thought is now plagued with regret and what ifs?.

I am not sure if this is going to be a straight-up killer/crime thriller. From what I can gather, this may be more of a psychological drama that deals with the guilt and regret of Se Ra not taking the call seriously. Either way, Anchor sounds like a great viewing experience.


This one seems to have a bit of delay on its release. I am gonna take a wild guess and say it was the whole Covid shitstorm to blame. Actually, it looks like this was filmed in 2017, so there really has been quite the delay on it. Anyways, better later than ever. I Want To See Your Parent’s Faces is based on the play Oya no Kao ga Mitai which was first performed in 2007.

This could be a bit of a heavy watch. Not heavy as in graphically violent but it deals with bullying and suicide. I believe this is an ongoing epidemic that has been happening in South Korea for years. The suicide rate is shockingly high. If it wasn’t for things like D.P, Goedam or Squid Game, I would not have an idea of the extent it Is actually happening. And for a country that seems quite censored, I believe these people are using tv shows and feature films to act as a vessel to try and spread awareness of the people who are taking their own lives because of bullying.

I Want To See You Parent’s Faces follows the aftermath of a young schoolboy who commits suicide but before he takes his own life, he writes down the names of his tormenters for someone to find.


Now, here’s a lovely treat for our beautiful readers. What’s pretty much the best thing you can hear when it comes to South Korean cinema? what’s that? did you just say Ma Dong-seok and serial killers? yeah? thought so!

In the follow-up to The Outlaws, the big man plays the head of a detective agency that is responsible for transporting a prisoner back to Korea. But, on his way back with the suspect, he starts to learn about more grisly murders dating back years.

This looks to be the second feature film from producer Sang-yong Lee. His first film in over 10 years with his debut being 4th Period Mystery (2009).


Again, I am not sure how this one is going to play out. It could be a crime, comedy, drama or even all of those. Spring Day follows the head of a criminal organisation who is released from prison after serving 8 years. When he is released, it ain’t long before he is caught in the middle of two rival gangs while trying to remain straight and save his little brother from following in the same footsteps as himself.


Directed and co-written by Byun Sung-hyun director of the fantastic actioner, The Merciless. Kingmaker is without a doubt as drama as they come. This may not be suited to a lot of people but if you’ve enjoyed movies like The Attorney or A Taxi Driver, then you may wanna check out Kingmaker.

Set in the dark and seedy world of politics, Kingmaker follows a promising young politician who dreams of changing the world with a new strategy but gets caught up in the lies and corruption of Korea’s current dictatorship.

Ok, folks, that’s it for this list. We hope you’ve been hooked up with some fine future viewing. As always, thanks for reading.

Article by GG
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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