New Asian Crime Thrillers Coming in 2022

A list of New Asian crime thrillers (mainly Japanese) that hit our screen this year.

Our second list of 2022 focuses on new Asian crime films hitting our screens this year. Most are live-action adaptations of Manga. A lot of these, I have never even heard of so as well as writing it, I also got some great manga education. We have some awesome stuff in store for you. Let’s get to it. Enjoy!


For those of you that enjoy South Korean gangster movies (I mean, who doesn’t?) Tomb of the River looks to fit that bill perfectly.

The film follows two large crime syndicates both battling for control of a hugely popular resort. Their agreement of peace is broken against their bosses wishes and a war between the two gangs is ignited.


What would a new Asian Crime Thrillers list be without a film that features some Yakuza carnage? Pure Japanese sounds like a Helluva lot of fun too.

The film is about an action actor who now lives a lonely life after an accident on the set of one of his films. He then meets a young who is getting harassed by the Yakuza because of the value of her land. He then uses his action movie skills to protect the young girl and her grandfather and defeat the yakuza threat!.

USOGUI ((Manga Adaptation)

As you can see, a lot of these films don’t even have an English title yet. Usogui is about an expert gambler who feels so confident about his profession that he lays down his life as a wager for gambling games. He finds himself involved in an underground contest run by a crime syndicate with 40-players, all willing to die if they lose.

Another reason for us to get excited is that Hideo Nakata is the man in the director’s chair. Expect to hear more about Usogui on Moviehooker very soon!.

KAPPEI (Manga Adaptation)

A group of elite warriors are trained since birth to be on the frontline fighting when the apocalypse hits. But as the date they have been training for – for years finally arrives, the promised apocalypse doesn’t. The group of warriors are then pardoned and told to go and live a normal life among normal human beings.

Apart from the apocalypse, this plot really sounds like the South Korean action movie Secretly Greatly (2013). Secretly Greatly was based on a webtoon called Covertness which funnily enough was released one year the before Kappei manga.

That’s it for our list of new Asian crime thrillers!. We hope we have hooked you up with some great future viewing. Expect to hear more about these films on our social media channels. As always, thanks for reading.

Article by GG

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