New English Language Horror Movies Coming Your Way Soon

We are back again with a new list and we thought we would take a break from the Asain cinema and give you a list of new English Language horror movies you will see releasing soon. We hope you enjoy it. Let us know what your favourite is. I have also added all of the trailers for the below ttiles.


Starring Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård & Justin Long, Barbarian centres around a mysterious AirBNB that has a lot more to offer than what was advertised. A double-booking throws two characters together who discover a Hostel-like underground torture chamber.

I have been hearing good things about this new horror flick. Now, what I have been hearing is the “this is the scariest movies of the year” sort of quote. I can only hope they’re true but I am always sceptical and approach with caution.


Smile has created quite a bit of buzz and for very good reasons. The trailer that got released was fkn creepy as Hell. This new horror flick takes a similar premise (I think so anyway) to The Ring but adds in its own blend of simplistic, yet eerie and effective originality.

A psychiatrist called Rose witnesses a patient badly mutilate her own face and kill herself. Before this girl started hacking at her face with a broken bit of glass, she said these words: it’s smiling at me. Now Rose is seeing these sinister smiles everywhere. She learns that anyone who starts to see these smiles never lives past 7 days. Now she must uncover the truth before she ends up violently taking her own life and possibly others too.


Another one getting some great reviews with a lot of people saying “it’s not for the faint of heart”. Those words are like music to my morbid ears. Bones and All is a new cannibal comedy starring the awesome Timothée Chalamet

Described as a romance/horror, Bones and All tells the story of two very different people falling in love and embarking on a 3000-mile road trip. Relationship goals are sure to be tested as one of them is a cannibal (or maybe both of them are, I am not 100%) with relatives of victims hot on their tail for revenge.

A lot of things to like about this one. It also co-stars the amazing Mark Rylance. I am sure you will agree with me when I say that there ain’t a bad performance the man can put out. It is directed by Luca Guadagnino and features music from award-winning OST legends Trent Reznor and  Atticus Ross.


Pearl is the surprise prequel Ti West dropped on us out of nowhere. A prequel to his horror flick, X.
A film about a group of young adults who set out to make a porn movie and start getting killed off by a couple of hillbilly elderly folk. I really enjoyed it. It has some mixed reviews but I thought I did a great job at paying homage to some of the horror greats while still adding their own flare of originality.

Pearl will be the origin story of the elderly lady in her heyday. She was a pretty savage granny so I am sure Ti West is gonna give us a lot of insane kills in this one. I am looking forward to it.


The cosmic heroes of mind-bending sci-fi Lovecraftian horror are back. Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead have supposedly returned to their cosmic horror roots with Something In The Dirt.

Neighbours John and Levi witness something supernatural or otherworldly at their apartment and decide to document the events in the hopes it will bring internet fame.

Something in the Dirt is written by Justin Benson and stars Benson and Moorehead in the leading roles. The trailer looks superb and as one of the quotes says “this is Benson and Moorehead at their very best”.


I first got introduced to director Caret Smith in 2008 when he gave us The Ruins, a film about a group of American tourists who fall victim to flesh-eating vines on an Aztec temple in Mexico – The Ruins was a great little horror flick tbh.

So now we have Swallowed, a film about two drug smugglers who have to wait it out in a cabin near the border while high on experimental drugs. This looks to be a mash-up of genres, starting off as an intense, trippy thriller and then exploding into full body-horror in the second half. That’s enough to sell me 100 times over.

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As always, thanks for reading.


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