New Horror Films You Need To Know About

I am back with a new list of horror films you should know about. No surprise but what we got below are mainly horror flicks but all are dark in nature. I hope you enjoy it.

Apocalyptic themes, serial killers, supernatural and fantasy. 2023 is the cinematic gift that keeps on giving, Check out the new Moviehooker list of horror films you should know about – 2023.


I am always down for a nice apocalyptic-themed film. Acid is about an acidic apocalypse that starts to. pour from the heavens killing, and melting everyone it touches. The film will follow a family that has been separated and must avoid the acidic downpour to survive and reunite.

From Just Philippot, the director of the fantastic French fantasy sci-fi, The Swarm


Good ole Nick Cage is back in a role that sees him enter random people’s dreams. His once mundane existence throws him into fame and celebrity-like status. It looks to be a black comedy with a dark underlying tone.

Nic Cage looks fantastic in Dream Scenario. I have always stood by that Cage is a great dramatic actor (not Cage Rage – but he does drama very well.)


A found footage-style horror about a television studio that accidentally unleashes a demonic signal through the TV waves. And now demonic forces are possessing random people in their households.

This premise sounds awesome. We could have an epic demonic possession scale like we have never seen before. That’s what I am hoping will happen. Fingers crossed.


Ok, There’s Something in the Barn has got some so-so reviews but I’m adding it to the list because it sounds like a lot of stupid fun.

A family moves to the Norwegian countryside to a house they inherited but realise that it’s overrun by evil sadistic, murderous elves.


A new South Korean psychological horror. Sleep follows a pregnant wife who becomes increasingly worried about her husband’s sleeping habits. In the beginning, it seemed like harmless sleepwalking things escalated out of control when he started displaying disgusting and grotesque behaviour

More New Horror Films – You’re Welcome!


After tragic events strike his family, a man is left with nothing but guilt and a broken mind. With severe paranoia he begins to think a cult is hunting him and that he is destined for one place only: Hell.

This sounds like an interesting Spanish folk horror with other horror themes playing in between the lines.


The new film from legendary Japanese director, Takashi Miike. We know if we hear this man’s name mentioned as director then we know we are in for one hell of a crazy ride.

Lumberjack Monster is a new serial killer film with a revenge twist. A ruthless lawyer who survives an attack by a serial killer puts his profession aside and begins a ruthless quest for revenge.


This is the last one on the list and another horror from Spain. There was a flick that seemed to have a similar theme that was released in Germany called Old People.

Craziness infects the minds of the elderly forcing a family on vacation to fight for their lives. It reminds me a little bit of George A Romero’s The Crazies mixed with some ickiness of The Sadness. I hope I am right on this one.

The Elderly is also listed as being released in 2022 but it seems it’s just making its way to us all now via Dark Star Pictures

That’s it for this list. Stay tuned for more. As always, thanks for reading.


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