New Indie Movies Everyone Is Talking About

Here is a list of new Indie movies that have been generating quite the buzz. Hope you enjoy



OK, apart from Takeshi Miike’s weird yet wonderful zombie sing along, The Happiness Of The Katikuri’s, I’m not one who would go in search of a musical.

It’s hard not to have this one in mind as it has been getting remarkable reviews from every critic and viewer from every corner of the globe!

La La Land stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone and tells the story of an aspiring actress who falls in love with a jazz pianist. The entire film is made up of dreamy set pieces with each set representing an important landmark or area in L.A.

I know what you’re thinking: when does the murder start? where are the chainsaws? well, there isn’t any.

As a musician, I always like to find out about the musical production and writing involved with any music in a film.

I’ve always known that Gosling was a great singer and a damn fine guitarist but to learn he rigorously learnt each piece of music so no hand double or CGI would be used can only add to the authenticity of the film. Knowing actors put such huge dedication into their work can only show in the finished product.

From writer/director Damien Chazelle, the writer and director of Whiplash and also 10 Cloverfield Lane.





Reading the plot of American Honey you would undoubtedly make the comparison to classic road comedy Almost Famous.

The film follows a young girl who gets a job working for a magazine. she then joins a band on the road and embarks on never ending partying, drug and alcohol fueled sessions.

From the writer and director of the impressive British indie FISH TANK (2009). Fish Tank was a depressing council estate drama about the struggles of a young teenage girl.

The lead role from Fish Tank reportedly never acted before, the director saw her arguing with her boyfriend at a train station and then approached her and asked he to be the lead actor in her movie. It was the right choice and one hell of a performance.




Another one that has been receiving solid reviews is the new Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal thriller Nocturnal Animals.

The film follows an art gallery owner played by Amy Adams. She suspects that the manuscript that her ex-husband sent her 20-years after they seperated is actaully a revenge plot to have her killed.

Directed by Tom Ford (the man who gave Colin Firth an Oscar nomination for his role in A Single Man). Nocturnal Animals is a dark thriller full of twists and features amazing performances from Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal



Recently named film of the year at the spirit awards, Moonlight is a movie that has got a lot of people talking.

The story centres around a young black man as we watch him grow up in a rough neighbourhood in Miami. The film is told in three segments, each a different stage of his life; one as a little kid growing up without the love and connections of a loving parent. , the next, as a teenager in the unfair and harsh slums of miami and the final segment as a young black adult in modern day America.

The film is told in three segments, each a different stage of his life; one as a little kid growing up without the love and connections of a loving parent. , the next, as a teenager in the unfair and harsh slums of miami and the final segment as a young black adult in modern day America.

I am hearing that the lead performance from Mahershala Ali in this movie is one of the best we will this year.


manchester by the sea

This is a movie that was featured on Moviehooker before. I have always been a fan of Casey Affleck, in fact, I think the guy is one of the best actors working today.

So, when I found out that he was starring in a new movie that was directed by Ken Lonergan then I just knew that we were onto something special.

Written and directed by Ken Lonergan, writer of awesome movies like Analyze This, and Scorsese’s Gangs Of New York.

Also starring the great Michelle Williams, Manchester By Sea follows Lee Chandler (Affleck)  –  an uncle who is left to help raise his teenage nephew after his brother dies.

The film has scooped numerous awards since it hit the festival circuit. We can expect to see a release this side of the water early next year.



I have been following writer/director Jeff Nichols since his early films Shotgun Stories, or Take Shelter. Nichols is a man I knew that would be making some pretty big waves in the industry – the man’s filmmaking talent is something that can not be ignored.

His last movie was the awesome sci-fi feature Midnight Special that starred Michael Shannon and also Joel Edgerton.

Now this time Nichols puts Joel Edgerton back in the leading role alongside Dublin’s up and coming star Ruth Negga (Tulip from AMC’s Preacher). It is so great to see Negga take the world by storm, she is a fine actress and I am sure she is going to do very well for herself.

Loving tells the story of a harrowing and shameful case of racism in America. An interracial couple arrested and put on trial for no other reason than falling in love with other.

So, there you all go. I hope you find a few movies on this list that you will enjoy. As always, thanks for reading.



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